Massive 60 acre cannabis growing operation

SpeakEasy Cannabis founder Marc Geen oversees what could be the largest legal cannabis growing operation in Canada. Read the full story here: …


  1. I was poisoned once I believe with toxic purple cannabis from a corrupt person… than was admitted into Hospital not long after. Where I believe I saw my ex-girlfriend wearing a covid19 mask in the year 2013 roughly.

  2. Cannabis has been used for over 6,000 EARTH years, Grown everywhere, banned in U.S.A late 1930's. Everyone acting like legal cannabis is NEW, No they demonized the name, and took true medical away, by making it a crime. It doesn't kill you so it has to be banned right? Good to see change, more like getting back to our ROOTS!!!

  3. Looks like they completed the harvest just in time before a record early snow fall. Hard working farmers pulled together and got the crop in only 24 hours before a record early snowfall

  4. White ppl always swooping in locking up poc for weed then all the sudden they the master growers and the ones that kept it around still locked up. Same ol shananagins

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