Marijuana, CBD oil and drug testing for the DOT physical and CDL medical card

Dr. Nuesse discusses the standards for drug testing when it comes to marijuana and CBD oil. Is marijuana tested for during the DOT physical? Can you use it …


  1. So if im doing DOT physical and not the drug screen. I won’t get disqualified for having weed in my system unless I answer yes to the question 😂?

  2. Law enforcement had other means of determining if someone was driving drunk before they had a device to do it for them. I don't fear the driver who smoked weed 3 weeks ago on his time off before he went to bed.

  3. I have a question, so for the last year I’ve been smoking weed. At some point it was every other week or weeks, but just recently I’ve been smoking every day or days at night for about a month with some days off throughout the month. I just turned 21 male, 5’9 with 197 currently on a weight loss journey so that might help. If I stop smoking today how long will it take the thc to go away?

  4. Bruh why weed can be like alcohol drink on day offs like alcohol and alcohol way worst then weed like fr I’m choosing to get my CDL or not cause of my weed problem but it’s hard I just want get payed goood then on my day off smoke weed on my day off but alcohol is allowed

  5. How does it how if you pass the D.O.T drug test but they want you to see a D.O.T certified SAP? They say I had 45 days to do so, are I would have to start the process over. It's been 3 months, can I just go back in and start over like nothing happen. Or will they have a file on record??

  6. I smoke weed loud and proud, but I'm a talented driver. Failed a dot test for a seasonal position for the summer this week. Marijuana should not be an illegal substance it has many health benefits, but the bewsing is ok drink up all you want its not hard to pass an alcohol test. I find that very interesting. If I didn't know any better smells to me like the system wants to keep us down and unhealthy (alcohol is bad for your liver and kidneys). I bet anyone who's reading this has a relative who's health is doing bad do to alcohol or poor but legal choices. Well I'm not going to stand for this any longer even if it kills me I am going to take a stand for all Marijuana users who's lives and talents are being wasted. I heard a sermon online. The pastor said you know where all the wealth of our country is? In our graveyards from all the wasted talent that was sold down the river! Well no more! I am going to stand up against these ass holes who seek to in slave us! I'm going to stand up like Malcom X like MLK, like Jesus Christ! I am going to lay my life down and sacrifice myself like those who did before us so that we could have a better quality of life! I will do the same so that the generations after us will have a better life as well. We have to stand together and vote for Marijuana to be entirely legal. Treated the same as alcohol. No public intoxication or operating a vehicle wile under the influence. I believe more people will agree with this. There has to be a way to begin making strides towards this future. throw a pebble in the water make a ripple! Change is coming.

  7. Doc, as a first timer, in order to get the CDL I need the CLP, in order to get the CLP, I need to go through a DOT medical. You`ve mentioned some "safety sensitive" positions, etc., where a drug test is required, I guess that is for guys with a job already, they are just maintaining their medical card, right? In my case, first timer, is there a drug test required? Thanks

  8. As more and more states legalize, I'm sure there will be a shortage of "approved" drivers. Hope that helps them take cannabis off of the drug test, I still want them to test for all the hard drugs tho.

  9. We're all grown adults I believe we should enjoy our time once we're home after a long day at work with a joint if we wanted to. I understand about being high and driving heavy machinery that's why they need to invent something that would tell you if your high for the day then of course you should not be able to drive.

  10. I think anyone who makes these laws or test people in accordance to these laws while simultaneously making them legal so they can tax the shit out of it, should be drug tested too. Watch how many hypocrites there are. 😉

  11. These federal laws against marijuana needs to change since most of our country pay for fedreal taxes, plus its not wrong to intake it from home if others can drink alcohol..I feel that the feds need to give cmv drivers a break who been driving clean no accidents for my years, plus marijuana is not a harmful substance like cigarettes, and whats stupid that cbd is illlegal to rub on our backs but the feds can take our license away with these drug test having drivers losing their jobs for something beneficial, yet they want our money for buying marijuna product at a local store..I say let thc and cbd be off the grid so we can all work in peace

  12. I was cleaning for 45 days and then I smoked twice a week for 2 months but I've been clean for 15 days today and have a drug screen on the 16th .. basically I will have been clean for 22 days when I take my UA do you think I will pass?

  13. What about if you're driving a 26 foot box truck non CDL requirement. But you are still required to take the DOT medical Exam. Do you have to test for marijuana?

  14. So I have been a heavy Marijuana user for the last 4 years. How long should I truly give myself before I try to take a hair follicle test? I'm only 58 days in of no smoking.

  15. What would you advise for a better detection window for THC? Also is there any speculation or talks about relenting on using saliva tests instead of urine tests for THC. Basically when will they end the war on marijuana. I understand not being under the influence while driving but while off work it’s should be allowed.

  16. But I thought your only taking urine to check for other things not drugs? To even take the cdl permit test in my state you have to go get a medical card.

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