Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain

Gary Wenk, professor of psychology and neuroscience at The Ohio State University, discusses what happens to our brains as we age. Low doses of marijuana …


  1. Hemp destroys profits for big science, big corps.. etc. It has 25,000 uses. One of them is the flower (weed, thc). Many uses from oil to clothing to replacing plastics. This is what God gave us. Free. But evil men take it with no peril.

  2. I think you should CLEARLY mention that it depends on the person!….I'm a 53 yr old ADHD who took LSD when I was a teenager and have a father who was schizophrenic. When I smoke very small doeses of pot,, about 5 to7 puffs daily and that it, I find I do very well. But I notice when I drink coffee, 1 or 2 cups a day, I find myself getting irritable in the evenings at people and have strange thoughts at times. Kind of like a lack of self control, a bit scary, and I believe its the combo of coffee and pot, but only after the pot has wore off at night do I find this irritability. Then, I am a bit concerned to take more pot at that moment, due to it possibly causing the irritability I'm experiencing at that moment, to be magnified.

  3. "Cancerous smoke" Ah friend….studies are showing the exact opposite. Weed heals the lungs. Simply follow the logic. If weed heals the brain by reducing inflammation then it has to be doing the same thing to the lungs since cancer is also inflammation based.

  4. I've once tried marijuana,I feel like my ideas have been fixed into the right direction,I didn't feel any stress or brain troubles,when it comes to Information linking,it has been a lot helpful.

  5. Marijuana is something that has grown with experience and time. Many people have an opinion based on it, although, the opinion often reflects what they’ve been taught to believe. Since I started smoking, I have written a book, become a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a father. I have also began works into the realms of psychology and sociology.

    The effect Marijuana has on you, is skewered by your own biological individuality. This is my point; take it as you will.

  6. Creating GOLD will destroy BIG PHARMA.

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    Earth must be restored by growing HEMP world wide.

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  7. I used to smoke weed all the time with my friends, when I train, on my days off, I was one of those people saying weed is good/it’s a plant, but I’m not saying weed makes you irritable I’m saying after you smoke even a occasional smoker and then you stop you literally have withdrawals and what I mean is you get more irritable.( I’ve seen it get bad) yelling, hitting things) you spend money on it too if I had all the money I spent on weed I would have a lot of money and imagine if I never stopped. I understand what you’re saying, but I have seen this with multiple people including myself. I know not everyone’s the same and I know you might call me crazy but to the medical aspect in my experience I have more faith in God to heal me than not only weed but ibuprofen excedrin etc if I get a headache nausea stomach pain etc I pray in Jesus name and quickly I’m healed I’m not even kidding, So obviously im a Christian and the Bible says Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

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