Making Femenized Hemp Seeds With Colloidal Silver

A quick guide on how to make femenized hemp seeds with the help of colloidal silver. For a guide on how to make colloidal silver, check out our previous video …


  1. So I would looking to a couple things if you haven’t already. When the flower opens on a reversed female, the pollen sack more than likely will not. Keeping the humidity as low as possible will help the sacks dry and open easier. The mix can allow the sacks to stick. If possible use a tool or toothbrush that vibrates to help shake the sacks open without cause damage and loss of viability of the pollen.
    Your videos are great, I really enjoy them.

  2. Colloidal silver at 250 ppm from amazon .spray once pistels show spray drenched daily until sacs forms. No way to not make huge amounts of pollen

  3. So can this be done on plants that are grown from feminized seeds so that the spayed (feminized) plant will produce feminized pollen to pollinate the other female plants that will then produce feminized seeds??

    And how many feminized seeds did you get from your successful attempts?

  4. okay here's my experience. If you're making seed stock from autos, top the plant when it reaches 4 branches. mark 1 branch (i used a small piece of pipe cleaner) and thoroughly apply colloidal silver daily to that 1 branch. Since you're using the plant for seed stock, you can isolate it from your grow room and even use window light or a small fluorescent light, to keep it from impregnating the rest of your room. when the male pollen sacks start to open, take the 4 branches and tuck them in a ziplock bag and shake vigorously. you can use a small paint brush to apply the leftover pollen in the bag to the pistils.

  5. Colloidal silver is the best repeatable method. I grew a decent plant outdoor and the next year in the same pot after being cut and through the winter having showing no signs of growth. A new plant grew and as I did research. I found that extreme stress to a plant might also at times produce fem seeds and I can say. With many volcano type seeds that usually turn female was the main type of seeds I found. So this isn't a super easily repeatable method but if life and the right conditions happen anything is possible.

  6. I got 250 ppm colloidal silver over the counter how much water should i mix with it or do i spray it without water in it? Nice video also so information 🌱🔥💨💚💯

  7. Question about seeds idk if you can answer it but here I go. I had a straight male plant and left him in the room with all my girls thinking I’d have amazing genetics. Come to find out all the seeds I made are hermiing and I’m not sure how that possible when I used a male to pollenate. Any ideas why this happened would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

  8. I haven't seen hemp fields for ages just weird quazi, short woman looking plant. I dream of tall hemp fields deep in a misty, enchanted forest. What a dream. 😐

  9. Hemp in a pot!! Ozzie bro, tanks so much advice on, non over the counter colloidal Eg I bought the best highest standards sprayed rediculously, still!!nothing!! At all and multiple times, was wondering ridiculously it seems, I wasn’t correct🥴 Fuck I was but just using the wrong etc, your fu…… legend

  10. Please hear me out. So can I take the pollen from this sprayed plant and freeze it and pollinate another plant i have ? Cause I'm growing slurricane ix by in house genetics and got 1 platnium gorilla freebie. I want to make more fem seeds of both strains and then also cross the 2 together.

  11. Do all herms pollen make feminized seeds? Or just when using the silver?

    One of my girls this summer went herm naturally and despite me actively removing the pollen sacs. My crop has a lot of seeds. (Which was to be expected and I wanted seeds cause I didn’t have more for the GGC)
    How do you know what are feminized?

  12. Two things I think really worth mentioning that have helped me:

    Your odds are better if the plant you are spraying has had time to mature before you flip to 12/12. Wait until preflowers show… then you know she is %100 ready to go when you are.
    If you spray and try to flower while the plants are still young and small, the "male" flowers are less likely to produce very well.

    Also you don't need to soak the whole plant… you only need to spray the node bases and new growth tips, basically anywhere where the flowers will be growing. Spraying the big fan leaves is pointless. And don't get any in the soil… it will stick around

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