Making & Cutting Lavender CBD Soap | 3 of 4 in CBD Soap Series | Sunrise Soapworks | Hempworx

Thank you for watching! This video features 1 of 5 CBD soaps I’ll have available for sale this spring/summer. If you are interested in ordering yourself a loaf of …


  1. This was great, thank you! I actually sell Hempworx and was looking to make soap to sell at the farmers market, I was so excited to find one with the exact CBD I wanted to use 🙌

  2. the purpling effect is Oxidation of the cbd molecule. When CBD is blended with antioxidants is exposed to light it causes a reaction with the molecule and it will cause a coloring effect ranging from pink to purple. Dont be alarmed this does not affect the bioavailability, potency, or shelf life of the product. The only way to prevent it without adding harsh chemicals is limit exposure to light of any spectrum. The more coloring you get = the antioxidants within the oil. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I own a cbd company in colorado that along with our products we are also focusing on sharing knowledge behind the science of cbd. 🙂

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