1. 3 months ago I started to take WeedBorn CBD Products. That's the best option to me. You can help yourself with CBD Products. Try WeedBorn products. The best CBD Products today.

  2. Fellow fighters,
    CBD has shown proven signs in helping activate the endocannabinoid system, which can help MMA fighters manage pain, achieve better sleep, help in recovery and injuries, and much more.  

    "It's CBD. It helps with the healing process, the inflammation and stuff like that. You want to do this before and after a fight, and during training. It will make your life a better place"
    -Nate Diaz. 
    (American professional mixed martial artist, currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.)

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  3. Anxiety is the beast in my life. If you can control the beast you can use the benefits that anxiety can give. If you have to tame it with meds ,CBD, meditation,yoga,excersice,whatever. Tame that beast and let the positive aspects of anxiety enrich your life

  4. if you take CBD and LSD at the SAME time and redose every 2 hours with more CBD and protein bars and ONE aspirin at the beginning, it reduces uptake to only 30 minutes ad lengthens trip by a few hours. All without the tightness. The protein also provides ATP and material to create more neurons. LSD is a serious brain workout. Without protein, you cannibalize existing material from elsewhere in the body. CBD and LSD hit the same receptors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OodTEfbpWVQ

  5. I want to try CBD but dnt know what brands to trust. That's why I been going through all of Rogan's pod ast talking about it and havnt found the type he uses. They have CBD in fucking gas stations but I am most definitely not trying that shit.

  6. It also helps with sleep and general mood especially if you get full spectrum CBD oil. I always wake up refreshed when I take it before bed. I’ve also found that if I take it right before work I’m happier and more relaxed when dealing with customers.

  7. Honestly. I want Joe to shut down people that believe that CBD is a placebo. A scam. Or at least the idea or concept that it's fake. CBD helps people and i think that's a good thing.

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