1. For me, weed causes me to over analyze every aspect of my behavior, even for a week or two after smoking. This leads to some terrible anxiety and just an uncomfortable feeling in almost every setting. I believe the side effects truly vary from person to person.

  2. Weed isn't a gateway, Your friends are. Watch who you hang around. I've never met someone who smokes weed jump to harder shit, because they thought it was better. 10/10 the reason they did other drugs was because someone pressured or put them on to it. When I first started smoking weed it was the best thing ever. The reason people hit other drugs is because other people influence them on how better other drugs are. Me and my friend have cards, so we go get are shit now. Oh by the way I wasn't put on to weed, I decided to do it myself because of the benefits.

  3. I’m a chronic thc smoker and always use my bong but I can’t consume edibles cause they make me unable to speak and I’m terrified and insecure, when typically I’m confident

  4. People have fallen victim to the myth that "more is better" with respect to THC content in cannabis. Too much THC does not make a better experience, but the entourage effect applies here, in that a moderate level of THC, CBD, and the terpenes optimizes the overall experience. Education on the proper way to utilize the entire plant would eradicate many of the so called "problems" people seem to have with usage. Cannabis is NOT for everyone, but when used properly, can be a godsend, for most,imo.

  5. Pot is way less harmful that alcohol. That is not to say that it is for everyone. I do not agree with saying that for the last 20 years we have only been hearing the positives about cannabis. Cannabis has been demonized for decades.

  6. I’m a lifetime Stoner and the last 10-12 years I’ve been suffering cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome it was once a year or two to now it rocks me 2-3 times a year. Literally jus got out the spital 12 hours ago, think ima have to take some time off, I’d recommend anyone who get caught up in vomiting cycles, nausea, dizziness, hands n feet going numb, and the only thing that seems to help is a hot shower you should definitely look into this

  7. What I don't like about smoking weed was how after getting high if I thought of some past situations that I felt embarrassed about the weed seemed to magnify my feelings of embarrassment. I got tired of that so I laid off weed.

    There are somethings I have heard of as solutions to this but haven't tried. I've heard I should try an indica dominate strain. I also remember reading somewhere that people take in too much weed at one time. Like take two hits from some weed and then take another two about an hour later. Anyway I may try these two solutions some day.

  8. Where's the proof that your friend who ate the edible had psychotic thoughts as a result? a) it could have had anything in it b) he could have been about to have a psychotic episode as people do all the time who haven't just had an edible, c) he was spiked by someone else prior to eating the edible. This is simply unscientific hearsay, cause and effect as understood by a layman. There is ample proof that CBD is an anti-psychotic, and if THC caused psychosis, there would have been a massive rise in psychosis / schizophrenia to match the massive rise in use of cannabis over the last 60 plus years, there is no such correlation, schizophrenia incidence has remained totally stable in the whole time. Perhaps your friend had been about to exhibit schizophrenia symptoms and using cannabis simply delayed the onset … until it didn't.

  9. Marijuana definitely effects people in different ways. I regularly consume and I’ve never got paranoid from it or experienced abnormal thoughts. If anything, I have life changing revelations about life.

    I’ve had friends consume and they experience excessive paranoia. It’s important if you’ve never consumed before to start off low and slow.

  10. comparing safety between alcohol and cannabis? hilarious! tell me about all the women that smoked a J and couldnt remember who she slept with or was raped by the next day? lmao.

  11. 1:04 Yea edibles are terrifying. Never had one, but all the horror stories I hear.. and now THIS… nah. Can’t do it, won’t do it. I’ll have my blunt (in the future this will change, I’m aware of the health risks of a tobacco wrap) It’ll change to putting weed in hemp joints more than likely, but yea that shit scary. Nope!

  12. I’m a thc fanatic so I was kinda skeptical about the tru mental effects of CBD but I fist took some before I went to the mall one day and was (almost) completely calm. I struggle bad in public areas with people I don’t know. CBD is for real

  13. Not sure what “stick up the ass” scientist or journalist needs to hear this but go figure out what it is that really bothers you & get to the bottom of it because weed isn’t it. He’s so adamant about reversing his people see weed it’s irritating af like what happened too this guy in his adolescence that he feels the need too prove marijuana is this huge problem right now and can’t even draw intelligent questions, why do we prefer hight THC levels? Aside from Joes explanation. It’s the clearest indicator of quality 90% of the time. If this strain tested at 30% then without a doubt if I like my weed too be dense soft and too not smell like dirt then I can rest assured that’ll be the case. The two aren’t directly related but usually if a strain is testing that high it’s usually some gas and you don’t have too worry about bud that taste really bad when you smoke it or weed that’s so dry you can’t tear the flower apart but instead your left breaking it down into dust. We skip that hassle and go for the better testing buds. And that’s COMMON KNOWLEDGE so the fact he asked that question so confidently just showed how little he knows about something he’s way too adamant about. You wanna intervene with something talk about alchohal I’ve smoked and driven countless times. However getting drunk and driving? I used too roll joints/blunts for road trips too Vegas can you imagine niggas passing around a tequila bottle on the road for 3 hours? That shit weird as fuck stop worrying about the flower that come out the dirt that we honestly do more harm too with our chemicals and worry more about the actual threats that are legal that your kids can buy they worried their kids will pick up weed that’s sad bro this guest he had on was a peon

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