Is Mixing Marijuana and Antidepressants Safe?

One viewer asks The Doctors if it’s okay to smoke recreationally while being medicated for depression. Subscribe to The Doctors: …


  1. I take an antidepressant and smoke Marijuana at night sometimes for sleep. I havent had any issues tbh 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm also not a heavy smoker and really only smoke when I feel like I need the deep sleep.

  2. Lmao I took trazodone for a year then I started smoking weed and I threw the pills away I should have beat my drs ass all up and down the hospital for prescribing me that shitt….. smh 🤦‍♂️

  3. I used to take marijuana everyday for fun
    BUT Its was effecting my working and thinking ability
    I gained depression
    NOW I am searching that Can Marijuana help me with depression
    It's like a CIRCLE

  4. Smoke weed and you won't need pills. This shit grosses me out. How many people kill themselves from smoking pot?
    Then look up the number of deaths alone in nut wards from people killing themselves on antidepressants. These drs are killing more people than Charles Manson did, and still have freedom. Gross.

  5. Doctors are the last people to listen to when it comes to weed. Ask someone who smoked weed. Not a dr. It's simple. Antidepressants manipulate your body's biochemistry, and cbd, or marijuana balances it.

  6. The weed today is making people depressed it's to strong or has been tamperd with by removing the terpenes in a centrifuge. To many young people are on meds you shouldn't be on, I didn't try a med till 34. When you get older the weed doesn't alwasy work anymore and it's definatly doesn't help to smoke stuff to strong or all day.

  7. I take ssri and extended release anti depressionts I smoke canabis daily to help with my chronic illness and mental illness and when I relasped into a depressive episode canabis really has saved my life and I laugh at everything

  8. i became dependent on marijuana for years, after i started taking antidepressants i finally realized how important it was for me to quit smoking. i was really focused on recovering from my depression and i knew weed was only making it worse. don’t get me wrong, weed is great and has the potential to help many ppl, but it can also b abused and make things worse

  9. SSRI withdrawal side effects also have the same side effects , probably worse.

    Also psychiatric meds can have some kind of cognitive side effects. When i took zoloft, i felt drugged up every day at work until my brain got used to it.

  10. People experience much worse withdrawal from the pills doctors push on people. Anxiety and depression for an anxious and depressed individual after stopping use is just their natural state coming back. Stop pushing pills and pushing up medical costs and maybe people will seek the help they need

  11. I feel like I had a really bad effect from mixing weed and prozac, just me personally. I felt like it made me very imbalanced. I thought weed would help my anxiety but realized it just made my healing process a lot worse. Everyone is different but I would say it wasn't the best decision to mix the 2

  12. I’m on Zoloft and I smoke every night and they both changed my life. I’m so happy and full of love and positive vibes. And they’re right when they say there isn’t enough studies, for me if I down sativa strains make me feel ten times better. And for at night if I can’t sleep or sore from working, or from the gym indica strains help me sleep and make me feel so much better. I just hope one day they actually take the time to figure out what strains work best for that person and take the time to study it. I’m not saying what works for me will work for everyone but that’s my experience from it.

  13. the comments are misinformed y’all ain’t doctors, i smoke too and do condone antidepressants and cannabis. but y’all don’t even know about chs??! anything to much is always bad, life is about balance?

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