Is Marijuana Harmful to Health? Or Helpful? ER Doctor Explains Medical Marijuana & Cannabis

Is marijuana harmful or helpful? A real doctor reacts to extreme cannabis cases he sees in the ER. There are a lot of studies and cases out there of patients …


  1. smoked 17.7grams of 3 different strains of cannabis in a night it has to be impossible over dose on weed and if it is possible then slap a "my name is…" sicker on my ass and call me demi lovato

  2. i hate it when that synthetic crap is put into the same category as real weed. they are two entirely different things….yes, inhaling smoke is bad. of course its bad. especially long term, smoking alot each time and smoking often. that being said, ive been using weed for about 30yrs now. i use it for a couple of reasons. it does help with some of the symptoms i get from my IBS-D so i use it on occasion for that. the thing is, sometimes, i use it because i want that instead of alcohol.

  3. I've been smoking daily for the last 25 years maybe 30
    I truly feel it is beneficial to us in many different ways
    Especially anger issues, eating , sleeping
    Emotional issues
    So I am a super strong supporter of bud
    I take no other type of meds prescribed or not
    I'm 45 w no issues physically

  4. Bro. It's not the weed fault. What he's saying is right, but this only applies to if you smoke only high thc products. Anything over 70% can fuck your body up. Because it overrides the canaboinoids that are already in are body. Things like carts and edibles with high potency for people with low tolerance or some with high can experience bad things from it. Weed is not the problem it's you guys who want high potency shit. I've done low and high from flower to edible and carts. What I experienced is that carts and edible for me messes my body up completely, even the high is different. When I smoke just flower, I get the best experiences. So potency is key. Some people like me had to learn the hard way an go through months of trauma from overrided system. I had bowel problems, random spikes in anxiety, depression and etc. My dad and mom smoke an never had this problem. It's because they stick to the flower. Don't trust them carts and edibles until they make lowe potency its not worth it. In 2020 alone I had over 10 doctors visit because of it. Plus the flower is better then carts anyway. Also if you don't know what I mean. Carts potency is around 70% to 100%. Edibles potency can't even be calculated with either carts and flower, there on a different scale. And flower usually ranges from %10 to like %50.

  5. I'm an old man. I can remember when they coined that phrase. Marijuana is the gateway drug 🙄 no it is not !!!! Even as a child. I knew that alcohol was and still is the gateway drug Period !!it's evils are way more evil than smoking marijuana physically and mentally. That's why they call them spirits 🙄🙄. The state of Vermont has a huge opioid problem. Say what you want about our politics. Keep in mind most vermonters don't vote. Thier pushing for recreational.
    We have a Republican governor who is on board. Marijuana is becoming the gateway to freedom from dependency of opioids. 🙏🙏. I hope and🙏 it works out well. Because if it does. Other states with huge opioid problems such as Kentucky and West Virginia .May their eyes may be opened. 🙏

  6. Something that would be cool to watch would be you learning about herb blends (if you don’t already know about them.) Herb blends can (but don’t have to) contain cannabis. People will blend herbs that do different things, such as anti-inflammatory, reduce stress, help with sleep, etc. Typical herbs people will use is lavender, mugwort, skullcap, horrhound, mullein, hyssop, bergamot, etc. Of course those who do these blends will use food grade to make sure it's safe

  7. Funny he can't give examples of patients without breaking HIPPA. Meaning he is lying. As long as there is no identifiably attributes to show who it is means there is no HIPPA violation. So to me that tells me he has no experience dealing with this subject. Otherwise we wouldn't know death rates over certain drugs or accidents because they would not be able to talk about it due to HIPPA. This is propaganda at its best. He is staying I can't tell you what I have seen but here is some unconfirmed statements. As a person who has had a bad weed trip I can attest all you have to do is tell yourself it's just the weed and relax or take some CBD or smell some fresh ground pepper. Of course doctors are going to use scare tactics I have not meet one yet that isn't getting something of a kickback from big pharma. In every doctor office they have something they are trying to sell. I have seen an MD peddling a nutra life knock off and some pushing the mircale new seaweed shake. There's no money in curing there is unlimited dollars is treatment though. That is why we have not seen cures produced for anything lately they just want to make you well enough not to die right away so they slow your death to empty your wallet

  8. Yeah made it so my blood pressure was normal so no more meds for that,. After cancer treatment I was so nauseous I couldn't eat my doctor suggested I try medical marijuana it was like magic. As long as you know what you are getting or grow your own fungus is the least of your worries.

  9. Snoop dog is alive. Let’s not get started on ole willie. Weed is not for everyone. You’re not weird for not liking it. Edibles are only for people who know what they’re doing. Be an adult it’s for adults not kids. Know where you get your weed from. Use in moderation. If you haven’t smoked in a while or ever take one hit. Be responsible

  10. i use cannabis because is fun, however not everytime; at the end of the day the important thing is to be aware of the risks you can meet when you do anything you want to do and be ready to face the consequences.

  11. But it’s impossible to overdose on weed 😂😂 lol okay this dude needs to get educated. Those people who felt like they are dying just had a panic attack and nose use to the effect so they scare themselves 🤦🏻 I use to do that and quit for 2 years , then I realize oh it actually helps me and I don’t get those panics anymore

  12. Definitely a lot of truth to this. I can only speak on my own experience using cannabis for over a decade. Reduced lung function, constant wheezing. It’s not all fun and games folks.

  13. This video is a joke. This stuff happens to a small percentage of people. Get your cannabis from a trusted dispensary. Don’t use synthetic cannabis. The only thing I agree with is kids and teens should not use.

  14. So this is why we see Amsterdam in the news regularly with people blowing other people up chopping their heads off ? no we don’t see that , but in Pakistan Israel Palestine where cannabis isn’t legal what do we see every day ?

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