Is Marijuana Good for Depression?

Is marijuana good for depression? A lot of people ask that question, and about 20% of people with depression use marijuana — and recent study found that 1 in …


  1. Here's the thing: cannabis has a much lower harm index of alcohol and an obscenely high LD-50 meaning its practically impossible to overdose. The SSRIs, antipsychotics, TCAs, SNRIs, and benzodiazapines have a low therapeutic index and a much lower LD-50, as does alcohol and that's before we get to Alcohols dangerous side effects and the fact that we don't even know the mechanism of action of most psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs. Yet this QUACK is on here rambling on without admitting that casual correlation does not equate to a double blind drug study.

  2. Could a proclivity to depression and other personality factors contribute to marijuana use? I may be wrong but maybe people with high neuroticism and high in openness or low agreeableness are more attracted to the effects of marijuana. I would be interested to see if marijuana does in fact have negative effects that most people are unaware of, but I want to know for sure and not have the facts unknowingly put in the wrong order.

  3. I was suicidal before I did any drugs. Now I smoke weed daily and I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. There’s a difference between correlation and causation.

  4. I had an afterglow affect for a while after I used cannabis… I noticed I would smile and laughing more, and I stopped cutting. I think it’s a really useful medicine.

  5. The Pharmaceutical Drugs aren't a helper either, I've been on Paroxetine and Pramipexole with a bunch of other chemical cocktails before, for over 2.5 years now and I am still depressed.

  6. I would like to respond to this video with a few points. You can not accurately associate marihuana in child hood with depression in adulthood. Almost everyone who tokes or smokes starts when a traumatic event occurs. Which in turn (The traumatic event) depression in it self usually goes hand in hand with the major event. So that would be a high percentage in it self I speculate. Also I don't think the suicide statistic is accurate because most people just eat Cheetos and watch cool programs.

  7. Well I'll enlighten you by telling you it does help coping with depression. I have had depression since I was a kid. My family was by NO means rich or we'll off and money has played a big big part in depression not only missing out on the things I dreamed of doing but also the struggle that I experienced with my parents arguing about business and lack of money and the thought that they would break apart which as a kid left me worried and heartbroken which led to me running away and getting involved in weed and alcohol. The alcohol was the worst thing I could have started because of the trouble it cost me with driving offences which in the end cost me big financial difficulties which haunted me for 35 years of my life but it wasn't until my father died when i was 18 that the alcohol got out of hand and started hitting the hard alcohol in a big way and used to loose all consciousness of what happened when drinking and did and said things I would not even think of doing and cost me friendships and put me in bad situations and was causing a lot of emotional problems which led me to attempt suicide so I had to give up alcohol or it was going to end up killing me so I gave up and stuck with smoking weed which helped to make me happy and with positive attitude and the depression was still there because I struggled with friendships and got used and still had money problems because of my past fines and cost of weed which was the only thing keeping me in a place where I could live normally but my mother didn't like weed because of the legality and bad information put out about it so I stopped smoking weed for quite awhile and was taking prescribed depression pills from the doctor but they weren't doing anything to help my depression only making my brain muddled and caused major side effects which messed with my social life cause it would cause me to talk before I even thought about what I was saying which made my mates think I was going mental and my depression was 10x worse that it was and it was the pills that were causing it and not only that but the physical side effects feeling sick and lost like I didn't know what I was doing and other bad effects and I went from one type of pills to another to another and after trying the whole lot I got fed up with feeling like crap and the pain from the effect so I swore I'd never touch another depression pill again so I went back to smoking weed and it was like I had a normal life again and even though I still had depression it was so minimal that I could live a normal life. A lot of the depression I feel is because of the constant money problems and not being able to accomplish and of the dreams which I had because everything got more expensive and I had been dealt A lot of bad cards from past relationships which made me lose hope in them since then I started a new job and was working great for 9 years and I got married and was renting a place and a dream of owning a place but then I got an eye injury which doctors could not see because they refused to listen to me when I told them there are fibres in my eyelids which I had to pull out myself because they didn't lòok properly in the places I told them they were and the skin was growing over them making it even harder to show until two years after that I finally got a doctor to look properly and find one of them because I was about to commit suicide for a second time because of the trauma I was dealing with from scratched corneas and constant irritation 24/7 and was putting me over the edge and once he found it a big weight felt lifted because I could finally stop working and get the acc which I should have received two years before and he referred me to a specialist which removed the piece and threw it in the bin and told acc it was an allergy problem not an injury and that put me over the edge and attempted suicide a second time only to be intervened by my wife which was separating from me because she believed the doctors even thou night after night she seen me pulling the pieces out and I got fired for not going to work even though I was on a medical certificate and my eyes were puffed up like marshmallows and acc wouldn't believe it even though I had a normal doctor write a letter explaining he found a piece and believed it to be from an accident and that the specialist should have kept the evidence but they rejected it and said unless I get a specialist to confirm it they wouldn't compensate me all because of the corrupt doctor which I think was setup by acc to deny me payments which were from two years before and because of the mental state I was in from the trauma they used that against me in my medical records to make me look crazy so any doctor I see now sees them and automatically think that I am so they don't bother to look properly. So 4years later till today I have pulled out 170 fibres from a shattered cutting disc from an angle grinder that were embedded in both my upper eyelids and told to basically go and suffer untreated and stuck on a basic unemployment benefit and struggling with money and my depression is getting worse and worse because I can't afford the weed that helps me and because it's hard to get because of legality. And I can tell you that marijuana does help a lot with depression even though I can only get hold of it once every so often. But it's just not enough to last two days let alone a whole week and I spend most my days in bed wishing I would not wake.


  8. Excellent video, thank you so much for the information, I use marihuana to cope with the symptoms and help me sleep, but I'll definitely give cannabis a break if it helps in long term recovery.

  9. It dont take away my problems but it naked me think more into it and about them more no thanks I get super depressed smoking it I just gave away all my weed and plants I am done.

  10. Most of the cases studied are marijuana with a high THC concentration and low CBD concentration, and also consumed in quite large amounts. The question that bothers me is this: what in the case of occasional use of a medical variety that has, for example, 2: 1 – CBD: THC ratio, content – 10%: 5% and is used in an amount even micro, I mean crumbs, which, however, cause relief from symptoms without potential side effects.
    And in addition I would like to mention that the marijuana that was available in 1845 differs significantly from the modified marijuana in most cases today – just because of the high thc content and low cbd, which is no longer natural and safe. So I guess it's not that trivial.

  11. Great information. Add to that the fact that specially adolescents who are on antidepressants (specially mood stabilizers and SSRIs) and cannabis at the same time, the data has shown depression gets worse.

    Add to that, not being a scientist, the fact it kills neurons and brain cells. That’s pretty much clear to me.

    Abstain from it, specially if you are depressed and/or anxious.

    Have a sober October. Thank me later. 30 days. You should be able to handle that. If you feel worse go back to it and see what happens.

  12. Sooo, don't use weed as your crutch; use pharmaceuticals instead? Have your body turned into an experimental laboratory of pharmaceutical chemicals that might-possibly-maybe make you feel better. The ssri's take about a month apiece to be build up in your bloodstream, and have the potential to make you want to kill yourself even more than before you started taking them. I'll take the laziness, the hunger, the short-term memory loss, and the short-term alleviation over wanting to kill myself more than ever before any day of the week.

  13. I'd be more convinced if you included the strains types used, the dose during each use, the frequency of use, the method of use and the amount of time these patients used cannabis and how they stopped (ie, step down vs cold turkey). Not everyone uses cannabis the same way.

  14. People should use cannibis as away of going out for a drink at the weekends and keep yourself in shape all week, don't use in away that you have to depend on it look after yourself as well stay active and get out and enjoy your life and then if you say to yourself god I wouldn't mind a jiont or two get yourself some weed and relax with it put your feet up but also don't depend on it just use it as a way to treat yourself yano

  15. Interesting video, I notice you are sticking with THC as the benchmark on these studies, have you got any studies regarding CBD? I smoked pot a lot as a teenager, then I became an alcoholic which I have now addressed and have been sober for 3 years, unfortunately, I was left with bouts major depression and anxiety, I have been put on multiple anti-depressants over the last 3 years including 3 different SSRI brands, one of which was Citralipram, I reacted extremely badly to these with my depression pushing me to nearly constant suicidal thoughts, I have found marijuana helps a lot with both my depression and anxiety without the sort of side effects I get from pharmaceutical chemicals, are the studies you have talked about based more on street grade marijuana or does this include medical grade?

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