Is it hard to tell the difference between hemp and pot?

There’s still no resolution of the legal hemp versus illegal marijuana bust in Oklahoma that has a Coloradan facing the possibility of life in prison. He swears a …


  1. b.s. so easy to tell by looking at it, male clumps look nothing like female marijuanna, the female bud , that holds seed safe from bgs.. Today their is generally no seeds in female buds, because they take away any signs of male plants that fertilize the female making an immence amount of unwanted seed, the female bud now is looking hard for male pollen and she is loaded with pitils, little redish hairs that receives the male pollen from the small male flower . people are selling this male on the streets as real marajuanna, the high is not much of anything but a tired run down feeling. Many people who have aliscence to grow hemp to make oils for health , may be selling loose clums and making them look similar to buds, , no epty seed pods and pitols then not female, every kid since early seventies know this, and the stupid experts have to use expensive machines to tell one from the other

  2. First time watching…. Great job with the broadcast…

    But I must say thats pretty sh/tty of the Idaho government officials, i guess that they are " the law " working against the law now….. Right?

  3. Hemp buds look, smell, and taste like mainly thc buds they just have different chemicals coating them they are the same unless you know what's in it these ppl are dumb you cant see difference they look the same

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