Is CBD Oil Safe In Skin Care? (Or Even Legal?)

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  1. Thank you. I’d like if you can do an updated video on of this with the latest brands infusing cbd oil into their products. I’ve always wanted to try a few, just not sure if it’s actually needed for skin. 💚😌🌸

  2. Hey Hyram were CBD Esthetics a CBD infused skin care line and we just came across your channel and this video about CBD. I was wondering if youre interested in partnering up with us.

  3. Just so ya know ashwagandha is a plant! And usually the root is used. I think a lot of people think it’s a mushroom bc it’s an adaptogen and a lot of the well known adaptogens are fungi. Just a note from an aspiring herbalist ♥️ Love your vids Hyram!

  4. My dad used to have a cbd oil business (there’s no money in it) but my dad had obtained a face cream infused with cbd oil and I have a horrible time with my tzone and especially with past acne pigmentation on my skin and genuinely it has helped me so much. Ig the only reason why I’m here is to hear your thoughts on this topic. Everything you said I had already knew but it’s hyram I wanted to hear you talk about this lol

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