Inside the Deadly World of Counterfeit Vape Cartridges | Should You Be Afraid?

The “mysterious vaping illnesses” seemed to disappear as soon as they came. But what caused these illnesses and should we still be afraid of vaping?


  1. wow, how the hell there is vit E on vape.? all i know the ingredient is Nicotine, flavor (food grade), Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. or maybe my country is already too creative that only focus on flavor. not the other. so people who vaping, is only looking for the taste. not the effect.

  2. I am not a vaper but all of these hospitalizations are coming from fake vape carts and other fake things. People are not being hospitalized from regular vapes and disposables, yes regular vapes and disposables can irritate your lungs a tad bit but they’re not dangerous and deadly as the media portrays it to be. This video should be renamed “I purchased an illegal item in the dark web so when they asked what happened I told them I vaped so I could avoid getting in trouble”we know Vaping is not the Most healthiest thing, but we can all agree it is not deadly or extremely dangerous.

  3. Gotta say guys… If you don't know what the F**k you're talking about, DON'T TALK! When you said "Vaping Oils" at 4 min in, I knew we were listening to yet another uneducated "authority". If you're vaping "OILS", then yes… You are going to die! Any "Oil" is not water-soluble, which all ingredients in "E-Liquid" (fyi, that's the proper term) MUST be. Vitamin E-Acetate is NOT water-soluble, and that is what was being used in black market THC carts the kids were getting sick from. I vape homemade e-liquid. It's about 69% Vegetable Glycerine (a common food additive), 29% Propylene Glycol (again, a common food additive), about 20 to 30 drops of liquid flavoring and sweetener (in a 100Ml batch of juice. Again, a common food additive), and 1.5% liquid nicotine. that has been made in a USDA and FDA certified lab. All of the ingredients I use are food-grade, and made in the USA. I don't Do the world a favor, and get your facts straight before you try to "inform" the public. It's people like you that cause so much misinformation and lack of understanding in our country. Oh, and BTW, I've been vaping for over 10 years, and honestly can't remember the last time I had so much as a cold. I sell my sick days back to my employer at the end of the year every year because I NEVER use any!

  4. This wasn’t a problem in Canada where we had legalization, regulated manufacturing and safe goods for the community. Prohibition is continually the problem people think is “drugs”

  5. Well for one thing vape shops and places that sell cbd oil and devices for vaping cbd are licensed they don't release there products to be sold at liquor stores or gas stations Lol if you can find a cartridge at a liquor store or gas station that is cheaper than buying one at a licensed retailer, there is a reason why there cheaper at a non licensed retailer. It's common sense really and my opinion some of the people that got sick or injured from vaping saw a set up at a non licensed retailer that was 5 to 15 bucks cheaper and that's what happens when you do that. If you really can't afford the real deal you shouldn't do it.

  6. When did they make this video lol, he was using empire as his marketplace, but that exit scammed around august that year. Wonder if he was looking at a fake or not.

  7. Well if someone buys counterfeit cartridges for vaping, they're very stupid because by counterfeit anyting you know something is going to be wrong with it I mean come on

  8. All I see is another way for corporate America to stop the small time business man from capitalizing on a market that they already abused. Some people are more honest than most corporations but we’re going to go after the small guy. It’s funny to see this shift in Vice also. How they were so anti everything and now they endorse corporatism as long as it’s the “right” person exploiting us (look up ESG ratings in US). Btw a lot of this cannabis business has been absorbed by a lot bankers and hedge funds. Don’t be surprised if they’re funding both sides to their coin

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