Industrial Hemp: transformation for NC agriculture? | Jack Whitley | TEDxGreensboro

Hemp, a long banned crop in the US, has great potential for North Carolina agriculture. Like the peanut, hemp has many uses in food and manufacturing. During …


  1. Great presentation. Thank you. However, who can farmers sell their product to in America? Living in Indiana, i see corn, wheat, and soybeans, sold to local grain elevators who then sell it to various companies. How would hemp farmers be able to sell their product?

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  3. Hemp is a miracle plant. Hempcrete, clothing, CBD oil, food products…. the list goes on. I bought 50,000 shares in HEMP, Inc (for under $1000 total). At the moment, the stock symbol HEMP is a dirt-cheap penny stock…. but not for long!


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  5. Phytoremediation properties is something everyone should know about. If that doesn't change your mind about industrial hemp then nothing will. There is just to much information for me to cover it in a youtube comment. If you don't know you need to research it. I won't knock Jack Whitley for not covering it because for some inexplicable reason nobody does.

  6. Thc and cbd and the hundreds of other cannabinoids are synergistic. Saying that thc is JUST an intoxicant is a huge mistake. Properly combined the intoxication by thc can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated by high cbd levels. Neither one works for most things alone as well as combined. Labeling thc as an intoxicant is not just a mistake it's a harmful piece of misinformation that is harmful to the movement that you are trying to promote. Separating thc from cbd and hemp from marijuana is/was only helpful for persuading stonchy conservatives to allow cultivation by this reclassification. After that there is nothing useful in feeding people nonsense about thc being JUST an intoxicant.

  7. I've seen several TED talks about industrial hemp, and I have to comment that this is the best one yet. Very clear and concise data presented. I really hope more people become passionate about making America the number one industrial hemp producer and innovator, but we're so behind in comparison to other nations. This is such a great opportunity to revitalize our production/manufacturing industry.

  8. thank you this topic very important.this was a illegal.because some petrol company want it.because hemp is best biooil is very effective if we develope the hemp for biooil.they are dont make money.

  9. Positives:
    – The hemp plant can save our environment & bolster our economies.
    – The CBD (Cannabinoids) found within, can save our species. Including treating the ongoing epidemic of human addiction to food and drugs. Including treating chronic pain, mental health issues, auto-immune diseases and more.

    – Stigma
    – Pharmas, fuel companies, fracking, tobacco companies, mccdonalds.. basically the Anti-Christs will all lose money.

  10. marijuana and hemp are the same just high in cbd and low in thc maybe around1% in hemp and up to 30% in marijuana and tbh a drunk person vs a high peson ill choose the high person drunks are hella annoying

  11. He got into the hemp farming to line his pocket. Everyone thinks its a golden ticket its not. Ive bern growing for 4 years now and the price of cbd hemp has dropped tremendously because there is so much of it. Yes he did a lot of research and yes hemp can definitely save farms but its a cut throat industry right now. We were robbed last year and numerous farms here in vt were robbed as well. Everyones out to cut throat each other and keep secrets of anything they do. Ive never seen such greed and jealousy in the herbal world in the 23 years ive been a master herbalist and holistic practitioner plus an organic herb and produce gardner than i have in the last 4 years of growing hemp. The theives come in the night with guns….becareful people their are wolves all over in sheeps clothing. Protect your crops the best you can and find trustworthy people to work for you. Peace & Namaste!

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