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CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks: Did it work? Watch to find out! Mediprana CBD Oil Review CBD oil is being touted as the next big thing, and though it’s …


  1. Does it work for autism too? I have high functioning, but sensitivity is reduced in my hates, anxiety, socially awkward? They say it's good for that situation.

  2. Thanks for being honest. Got the therapist, meditation, prayer, Xanax, cbd, chamomile tea. Anxiety is something that it takes ‘time’ and coping skills are needed. A ‘good’ therapist is hard to find.
    P.s you have to be careful when taking full spectrum cbd with Xanax, Paxil any other medication. But I haven’t taken cbd yet I think most people need like a combo of things — praying, meditation, better diet, therapy and natural stuff. My anxiety goes up and down and just thinking about flying or driving sometimes terrifies me. That is when I need like Xanax to overcome it.

  3. So weird how each organism responds differently:
    I've used Lazarus Naturals CBD tincture around 10 times in my life. I have diagnosed depression and anxiety because I am bipolar type 2, and less than an hour after I microdose on CBD I feel the effect.

    In my case, it is a calming effect that disables my hyper-alert state (my mind is always running at speed of light). When taking it, my muscles felt like after a relaxing massage and I am simply less likely to have spikes of emotions/reactions. The effect of 2 drops lasts in me around 6 hours.

    I would like to add that it's always better to start experimenting with cbd on low dosage; if there is no visible effect, then you increase the dosage. Setting a calm and relaxing environment when waiting for the effect to appear is extremely helpful to take full advantage of the cbd.

  4. Bro when you said when i breath in but feel like i cant get enough air. This has been me for like 2 months now. Although im sure its anxiety related i kind of dont want to Believe it. CBD Oil is still illegal where i live unfortunately

  5. Hey. I know this is an 8 month old video but was wondering how things are now? My anxiety also manifests itself in that breathing thing. And it’s especially giving me problems right now given the circumstances of the world.

  6. I've had that same breathing problem induced from anxiety. Had it for about 2months until I got better. Cane back and had major anxiety, I had to take meds

  7. Hey brother; rather than the CBD oil, I was told to buy tweedle farm's smokable 'special sauce' strain of hemp flower to stop my anxiety. 7 grams later i've had NO relief. Tweedle farms then told me that, of all the components that make up a CBD product, that i needed to focus on a particular 'terpine' that is specific for anxiety. Does the product you purchased have any of this particular terpine in it? Also, tweedle said they couldn't legally talk to me about it but they did suggest i watch some youtube reviews and that is why i'm here. Can you please help me out over here? Have you found another product that does actually stop our issues? thanks man.

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