How To Water & Fertilize Hemp From Seed To Flower

An overview on how to water your medicinal CBD hemp plants and the different types of fertilizers available for your plants as well as their pros, cons, and …


  1. We spent So Much $$ on the setup (we had no idea that starting 18 seeds was a problem at first ughh😮). We ended up needing to clear out Half of my garage, bought thousands in lights, crazy electric bill, etc. Anyway, I had never grown weed, but I've been gardening for years and have a very good understanding of plant nutrition. For that reason and $$, I understand what a huge rip off the difference brands of weed specific fertilizers are, so I adjusted my NPK along with micro nutes and grew w different types (tomato, bloom, and organic blend) of Miracle Grow adding just some Cal Mag. The plants are monsters, idk if I could have grown them indoors they are so huge. We have pics, they couldn't be more healthy. Idk why everyone hates on Miracle Gro for ppl on a budget but it works. The plants only care about getting their Nutrient needs met, not which brand you do it with 😊

  2. I saw you mentioned ocean forest soil as a microbe fertilizer. Are you saying that once I transplant the seedling I don’t need to add any further fertilizers besides recharge and I will make it to harvest ok?

  3. Urea or Formaldehyde derived fertilizers will absolutely downgrade your quality of Herb. Hard black coal…won’t stay Lit. I wouldn’t recommend Miracle Grow to feed anything.

  4. Using the 'lift' method, for me at least, is much easier of a way to tell when the plant/pot needs to be watered. The finger method can fool you as the top layers of the soil will dry out much quicker than the bottom layers due to more exposure to the air. If you pick up the pot when its dry and then compare the weight of it when its been fully watered you will easily be able to tell when the plant/pot needs water simply by lifting up the pot and feeling the weight of it between watering. This method has led me to never have any issues with over/under watering, root rot or any other watering related issues ever since starting to use it.

  5. nice video i have the same problem at 11:41 the leaves below are the same color and getting rusty my ph is 6,6 in veg state my tape water is ph is 8 so i put ph downin it but what can i do plz help do i need to flush them out and feed them or something else

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