1. 100% Tung oil is not a drying oil. It is a hardening oil or curing oil and does not need a solvent to dry. Multiple layers make an excellent water resistant surface. I am not familiar with hemp oil, so I cannot comment.

  2. I would love to use this on a desk that we are making instead of a polyurethane. Is the Tung oil or the Hemp oil buildable like polyurethane is? Could I get a decent layer of protection with it? My kids will be using this, and I would love for it to be very wipeable – similar to polurethane, but without all the VOC's?

  3. This is soooo fantastic +HomesteadHouse ! I didn't know that I could use tung oil for outdoor projects.  LOVE!  I will definitely give it a try on my outdoor wood furniture! Thanks a million for posting this video! Lynne

  4. hey jennylyn, thank you soooo much for this video! I do have a quick question….how long does the hemp oil have to stay on the wood surface before you can buff it and what would use as the buffer?  Also, would love to see a video on using beeswax with milk paint to achieve the "chippy look". You are such an inspiration to me! Thanks again, sabrina

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