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CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is the non-intoxicating cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. Learn more about CBD and dosage guidelines here: …


  1. I started takeing Eagle hemp gummies the firset day and the next morning I awoke to a mild psycho active experience. I continued that day with one gummie and the next morning the same paycho active experience so I stopped takeing them and the paychosis stopped.

  2. Dr Axe I have tried different brand of cbd oil some I didn’t feel any change but 3 of them give itchi like 8 hours later and I just take 5 drops in day time. I don’t know what to do because I really need it to calm my anxiety. Can you lend know what you think about my problem and Thank you for your help

  3. I have wegners scleritis of the left eye and mild rheumatoid arthritis I'm a beginner I want to buy and try medterra CBD oil will 1000mg a dosage to start with? And I want to do it once a day or week is good which one? If I get the 1000mg medterra and I start off 5mg the next day can i go up to 1000mg if i do it once a day or even once weekly? Also is having unflavored best than flavor for full effect?

  4. Has anybody else experienced weight gain while using CBD products? I started using it a while back and I was just like eating one piece of chocolate here and there I have chronic pain so I'm on pain meds all the time I also have anxiety disorders bipolar type 2 so a while back I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome and agoraphobia. My son at the time was14 he went to a track meet and the pole vault mat caught wind and literally flew and hit my son and he got knocked out got a cracked skull behind his ear and for five to six hours I had no idea if my son was going to be okay because I wasn't there and they airlifted him to a hospital that is 2 hours from our house and I didn't know how far away it was from where he was and so for 6 hours I didn't know anyting and then I get to the hospital and my son's on a stretcher he's covered in the asphalt from the track and I didn't realize how much it affected me until I started to not want to go anywhere and i became very paranoid every time my son would leave the house I would have a total break down and finally got in to see my doctor and he was like you have agoraphobia, I asked agoraphobia from what and he's like post-traumatic stress you suffered post-traumatic stress when your son was hurt and never sought out help for that and so it spiraled into agoraphobia.. A doctor that I saw that was in the same office for a while he also told me I had agoraphobia but it was before that occurred have a long history of people hurting me and going through family breakup of sorts had to cut all my family out of my life and so that was pretty traumatic and I just have gone through a lot of stuff and when that happened with my son it was like a person would feel if they lost a child and when you feel that you never want to feel it again and so that fear kicks in every time he goes to school because I am afraid something bad is going to happen and so it's been a really big struggle. and so my husband said you need to try and find something to help you and marijuana is legal here and I'm like fine I'll try the Edibles because I don't like THC and I didn't want to be high but I needed to calm down but with all my anxiety disorders and bipolar a lot of times things don't work on me and if they do work on me it's because I have to take high doses. so I've been taking the CBD gummies for a while I was taken four a day and then I went down to three and with the weight gain I've been noticing and stuff I need to not take it to see if that is in fact what is causing my weight gain and I kind of have been on a little bit of a emotional rollercoaster and I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced anything like that with CBD.

  5. Not to be totally off subject here but I would love to know why Jordin sold out “garden of life” to NESTLE. How hypocritical of what he preaches here on this channel! Why a co like nestle that’s known to put millions of dollars in funding and backing gmo products. All about $$$

  6. I tried your products a couple of years ago and loved them!! I recently ordered more supplements from you and they just arrived yesterday, so super excited to start them 😊 As a Mom of four and having suffered postpartum depression and anxiety this time around, I have been wanting to try CBD Oil. I saw the brand that you recommend, but for someone with anxiety how much do you suggest I start off with? I think along with your supplements, this will help me greatly 🙌
    My youngest is now 15 months so I am no longer nursing or anything along those lines.

  7. Greetings from Greece Dr Axe. I 've been reading your blog for so long now, and I'm glad I've found your YT channel as well. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for sharing knowledge, may God bless you. 🙏

  8. Hi I get IBS, acid reflux and hypothiroid, and tension headache should Go consume which first?
    -l gluthamine, magnesium, probiotic/yakult, mylanta, fishoils and glycine/proline

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