How To Make Potent Medical Grade Cannabutter

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  1. hey, is there a chance that someone is just immune to edibles? couple weeks ago I decided to try edibles, i bought some from a trustworthy dealer ate all of them in one night and felt nothing (3 small cookies within 2 hours). So i looked up some tutorials and decided to make some basic cannabutter myself to test if the cookies were just poorly made (an hour decarb at 230 f in the oven, let it lest a little then 3 hours infusing the weed and the butter in sous vide machine at 160 f) i didnt make cookies or anything just spread a good amount on a couple toasts and ate them with a lot of water (the butter tasted like sh*t). then i waited and waited and didnt get high, just a little sleepy and tired. and honestly i dont wanna try a different recipe or buy from a different dealer cuz im afraid im gonna waste money and weed. something wrong with me? or am i making/consuming the edibles incorrectly?

  2. One thing that isn't entirely clear – is when to add water to the butter, initially you add one cup of water to your melted butter. I've made this recipe several times now and I can tell you that depending on the size of your double boiler and the temperature of the water, because of this I find it best to just watch the butter and make sure it isn't sizzling or bubbling to much. Hope this helps someone.

  3. Been meaning to do this for a damn year now. I’ve been looking for the easiest video to follow and chose this one and my cookies are in the oven, let’s see

  4. Y’all do not need 60 grams bruh chill tf out he just says that cause that’s how much he’s using and he wants go make a lot. The absolute very minimum you need is a Quarter 7 grams it won’t be a lot but it’s good to Atleast like make 1 batch of brownies

  5. I will definitely have to try making the butter this way👌So much cleaner than putting it all in together 🤪lol.
    You are the 1st person I have seen make it this way 😊
    I am a beginner & just made my 2nd batch,I have managed to get my 1st batch very clean & hopefully will do again as I see the filtering process you do is needed even one so when making the butter with the canabis in the butter.
    I did want to ask if time makes any difference as there are so many different ideas on how long you should cook it for?I did do both of mine for over 7 hrs or so but have watched & listened to quite a few other methods🤪🥴😅
    Als this might be a silly question but I was wondering is there any use for what's left after straining the liquid out or us all the good stuff in the butter?🤔🤦‍♀️😆
    Cheers Lizzie

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