How to Make CBD Tea! 🔥🤯💥

Welcome Back! This is a walkthrough on how i make my personal CBD Tea. Many of you have asked. so here ya go❤ Stay Safe & Stay Up My Twitch: …


  1. Thanks Rog. Nice video setup.
    I have a question about making tea out of my Charlotte's Web Extra Strength Hemp CO2 Extract 35mg Capsules. I don't know if CW extract needs to be decarboxylated. Maybe you could make a video for it? using CW or some other similar CBD extract.

  2. If you don't decarb you get cbda which research shows has a lot of medicinal value. Also cbda is water soluble (from what I have read) I do both CBD and cbda tea. Sometimes both by using CBD oil with non decarbed hemp leaves/flower

  3. What about using a french press and using it to smash the flower to get everything out if it? I feel like an idiot but didn't know about having to put it in the oven for an hour. Just putting the straight buds in. Probably wasted tons of it. Thanks for the video!

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