How to Make CBD Oil 2020

In this video, we are going to show you how to make your very own cbd oil. We are going to be using a NugSmasher Touch for the extraction and we will decarb …


  1. I’ve heard decarbing for cbd is x2 as long as thc. Im using cbd rosin and wondering if the advice “stop when bubbles stop” which is used for thc rosin is legit?

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  3. Hi……awesome video ! I visited your site after watching this and was inquiring about your products with your onscreen "help guy" and he abandoned the chat so I gave up 🙁 Firstly I was wondering if yous have a "starter Kit" type package to go with the Nugsmasher Mini ? and secondly what shipping would be to NZ ?

  4. hi team! this video is perfect and comes at the right time I discovered the benefits of CBD oil there is can and what happiness to have your recipe😍
    all your videos are a treat, I follow you from France 😉✌🏼

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