How to Brew Beer – CBD, Hemp, Blueberry Lager

In this brewing video, we make a lager with CBD, hemp, and blueberries in an attempt to make a dank homebrew beer similar to the Sweetwater 420 Strain G13 …


  1. I have the best land in Costa Rica for this industry, whether for sale, to rent or develop projects with you, several of these are located in the blue zone of the planet where the elderly live up to 125 years, these same lands own the best water and climate in the world according to studies carried out by national geografic in 2005. The laws here legalized the cane or cbd a few days ago that is why I am offering these services. I also have my neighbors and fellow farmers from other areas interested. This country can grow all types of hemp 12 months a year regardless of the season, that's something very important that I almost forgot.The two main airports are close to the same as the two maritime ports and the Panama Canal we have next. In this country it moves by land from the Atlantic to the Pacific in four and a half hours. We have three types of climate. Costa Rica presents a tropical climate characterized, in general, by its excellent temperatures and rainfall during much of the year.
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  2. When can you ever dump some super concentrated compound into water and expect it to dissolve evenly? I would have made a slurry with high proof grain alcohol and then dumped it in.

  3. That dark crystal shirt is dank all on its own. To bad you guys aren't still located in FoCo. You'd be able to try brewing with cannabis. Now that's a video I'd like to see. Cbd beer is still good too tho. Hoping you guys try making this beer again. I've been wanting to try making a cbd or cannabis beer myself. Thanks for the vid.

  4. When dissolving it into beer you should try first mixing your cannabinoid powders with pure food grade propylene glycol, and then into your final product at serving rather than during brewing. Cannabinoids do not enjoy mixing with water, this is why we have methods like "bubble hash" and why bongs are not getting rid of the good stuff.

  5. My favorite part of these weed related tutorials is that the person giving them always looks wrecked af while giving instructions. Homeboy living his best life

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