How Much CBD Are You Really Getting?

CBD products are making their way into everyday items from lotions to supplements, and even dog food. CBD, or cannabidiol, is found in the cannabis plant.


  1. 2:35 'And again..that amount is correct because that's whats on the bottle' LMAO.

    That s like trying to convince to your teacher that a dog really ate your homework.

  2. I bought a few for my 12 year old yellow lab that turned out to be junk, before I learned how to find a good one. 18 mons later, he is SO healthy and is doing amazing! Such a blessing!!

  3. I absolutely love Hempworx… Co2 extracted CBD a d a Hemp carrier oil…pure product no fillers. Join our FB group at Miracle Oil and Opportunity. Answer three quick questions and tell them Cathi sent you. Real testimonies and information. ❤❤❤

  4. Inside Edition do the public a favor and list the good and honest brands! The average person can't afford to pay a lab to analyze a CBD product bought. You left us hanging!😡

  5. Why didn't you show us the ones with the right amount to help people know which ones to buy, that would be very helpful and would gain much more views as people would tell friends about the video and sharing it

  6. This is why I don’t trust nobody!

    This is why I stopped buying expensive
    Skin care I only use cold water on my face!
    And once a month scrub dead skin off my face that’s all

  7. they should do this w chips. imagine opening a bag of chips and it’s fuller than how it usually is. ikr sounds nice. but nooooo you open a bag of chips and it’s half way full

  8. If you read the labels properly, it is a certain amount PER SERVING or PER DOSAGE/APPLICATION meaning that you multiply that times the amount of servings for each bottle and you get the total amount of mg per bottle. READ THE LABEL before you make this inaccurate information public.

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