1. Uh I have a friend who’s definitely addicted to weed. And the dude literally has withdrawals and mood swings if he doesn’t have it. So you can be addicted. You can be addicted to anything.

  2. I would sub to listen to this Rich talk medical Marijuana. Abrasive gamer talk guy probably needs to start a new channel and focus on him. This was refreshing.

  3. Rich, I’ve been a subscriber/fan whatever you wanna call it for a good 5+ years now.

    Though the gaming news/tech reviews are what I subbed for, I really enjoy your more personal videos where you talk about yourself and life experiences you’ve had. It especially helps me when they’re similar to things I’ve been through or something I’m interested in learning more about. I think you’re honestly a great guy and I hope you’re doing okay, man.

  4. It’s great for the economy as well. In Arizona there is a dispensary that opened up that hired a professional chef to make food with THC. It was doing very well, and once recreational weed was legalized business exploded and can’t keep up with demand. Whoever made a Weed cafe is a fucking genius.

  5. So I have similar symptoms, but mine is called life! Probably shouldn't have had kids. I've seen so many men do the kids, and then their lives and the family that the female wanted more than you is destroyed.

  6. Good to hear it works for you. I'm glad it's getting legalized everywhere because people should have the option to try and see if it can help you. As It does for millions 💚

  7. I use it im in colorado And I can actually sleep at night now lol and it hard to say CBD does take away pain from other people and others it just doesnt work. some are way more sensitive to certain chemicals this is why people should always take a personalized approach to their health because generals just dont work for everyone.

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