How legal recreational marijuana works in Oregon

Michigan voters have a chance to legalize recreational marijuana on November 6. We traveled to Oregon to see what life is like in a state where recreational …


  1. I am out there destroying properties involved with it, NO AUCH THING, according to my mom and step dad.cant have four plants IT IS NOT LEGAL BOTTOM LINE TO HELL WITH LAZY FAMILIES.maybe her husband is right,AND THEIR PROPERTIES TOO.

  2. What a shit show .. so now basicly the Budweiser of weed who come from other states to Monopolize there crap brands. Lol classic so good by all the mom and pops who started this all .

  3. So after my four LEGAL plants flowered I realized there is NO safe drop spot for the excess. Then the pot shop sold me an ounce and there was not a SINGLE bud in it after my marijuana was confinscated.i GIVE UP on believing they sell it to me over the counter LEGALLY.

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