How does marijuana affect your brain?

Marijuana is getting more and more popular every year. Public sentiment is shifting and states across the U.S. have begun legalizing pot for medical and …


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  2. Mota. All those who want to use it should be able to enjoy it. Personally it is not for me. Paranoia and anxiety is not for me lol. But all those that want to enjoy it should have the right to freely enjoy it.

  3. I heard they legalized alcohol instead to encrust the pineal gland which cannabis does not! They do not want us spiritually awakened. They want us controllable. They being the deep state.

  4. Love the Carl Sagan's book behind you. What do you think of the story about his relationship with cannabis and the alleged piece he wrote under the name of Mister X?

  5. There are actually receptors in the esophagus that bind thc and seem to heighten the munchies. Human anatomy channel or whatever the name (the one where they cut the cadavers to show how the body works :d) had some content on this.

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  7. I hate the “Cbd is okay but thc isn’t” argument. Thc has helped me and many others with overcoming anxiety and symptoms of ptsd, reminding me of my creative nature and helping with dopamine release. Cbd oil just made me want to take a nap.

  8. My experience with this drug is not mine, but from the people around me. Some neighbors smoke weed several times a day, and they’re plainly psychotic, yelling, insulting, beating things.
    The other person who consumes it is my brother. He smokes almost every day, and he’s very aggressive towards me and my mother, so I don’t know if the withdrawal of weed is making him angry or if he’s in a bad mental state because of mental health problems.
    I wish I could understand it better, because I smell weed around me almost 24/7 and I’m a bit sick of it. Also I’m asthmatic and very anxious and depressed, so I don’t wanna try it because I don’t wanna lose control of myself.

  9. I tried weed this weekend from good friends. I’m 37, high anxiety high energy woman. I hated it I ate a gummies a friend made which I found out was equivalent to 6 hits. Grrr! It was horrible. My body went numb but my mind raced.. horrendous experience and I had to stop myself from a panic attack, which I do not ever have. Terrible. I can see why depression increases with drug use… make wise choices!


  11. This is hilarious! Failed to mention cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, hard drugs in "air quotes," with the statement that few people use them due to mj being a gateway drug (although everyone who uses a hard drug identifies using mj habitually prior to "hard drug" use, and your expert is an employee of a marijuana dispensary! Hahahahhahahah!!!!

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