My husband had an industrial accident back in 2009 and doctors just expected him to live a life in pain! There was no way I was letting that happen…EVER!


  1. Omg I am your husband my Spine is in the same shape as your
    husband I suffer every day for years! Surgery will not help me because of other health issues so glad I found your channel !i thought no one else was dealing with the horrible condition I have tear in my eyes for me and your husband

  2. Thanks for sharing!😊 I'm just. Now getting into Hempworx as a business. I wanted to recommend something for your husband , that's in London. Have you heard of the Scoan? It's the most divine healing you'll ever see! I've watched this ministry for 10 years now. It would be worth a visit!🙌🙌😇

  3. I've been considering getting cbd oil for my wife who has different forms of epilepsy and just found a store in my town sells it. After watching your video I'm definitely going to go get a bottle for her to try. I've been having to stay home from work sometimes after she has one because I have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't have another episode or quit breathing in her sleep.

  4. OMG!! if I could tell my story, it would be almost EXACTLY the same!! I'm on morphine and many other things. Doctors SUCK!! sure hope you all get your life back! God bless you for sharing-cbc for me! Will order IMMEDIATELY!!!

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