1. This stuff works I have 2 screws in my Tibia bone and this does help since no doctors want to right a script any more so I found this and it works I'm soooo happy. Note I did not get paid or get free stuff for writing this.

  2. Hi there I purchased the CBD oil for vape/drip yesterday and was told it can be used orally as well. But honestly I am kind of leery about it since I seen there are some specifically for dripping on tongue. (Our store does not carry it though) So I’m curious…do you think it would be safe to use the vape/drip kind orally?

  3. Thanks for the review!!! I have fibromyalgia and PTSD. There's so many options out there. I had narrowed my choices down to Hemplucid and another brand but was favoring Hemplucid.

  4. My husband has just started vaping the 500 mg. strength. He's vaping all day and still complaining of knee pain. I think this stuff is a bit thick for the vape pen. I don't know if we need a different type of pen or maybe he needs to go to the 1000 mg. strength. Any advice appreciated.

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