HEMP SEED RECIPES | Low Carb Overnight "Oats" + Energy Bars

HEMP SEED RECIPES // CLICK TO READ MORE ↓ Two super easy, keto-friendly hemp seed recipes! Recipes below. Overnight “Oats” ☆ 1/2 cup hulled …


  1. Correct me if I am wrong. That is a waste of seeds, no!? ain’t there one serving of protein in 4 tblsp of hemp seeds? Idk bout you but hemp seeds are not cheap. And you’re in Australia too! Sheesh! I’ll def try this. Imma add oatmeal too it tho

  2. Those recipes look amazing! Yesterday, was the first time in my life and I am over 50, that I had started researching hemp seeds and Chia seeds, and yesterday was the first day I ever tried them. I am in love! I am going to try these recipes.

  3. Great video. I purchased the Hemp Seeds nd made 'Oatmeal ' I don't like the crunchiness is there a way to get them soft? I did boil them for 20 min nothing softened it. Any suggestions? please

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