Hemp Seed 101 | Everything You Need To Know

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  1. Thanks for the the tips. Just to let you know, when I clicked on your video a pop up from YT asked me if I wanted to proceed because the contents of this video may be inappropriate for some users. Weird. You might want to check your settings 💗

  2. WOW!! I didn't realize how easy it is to make milk!! I recently purchased Hemp seed and added it to my keto cereal and was a bit taken back at the texture… It is exciting to have YT as a resource to search for information and suggestions. I LOVE how your videos ALWAYS pop up with helpful information. I can' t wait to try ALL THREE!! Thank you for always sharing your knowledge!! xoxo

  3. WOW! Amazing nature! Thank you Mother Nature! We never needed pharmaceutical industries!!!!!! We are guests of the best planet! And we have the power to cure ourselves of anything!

  4. I hate the taste of Hemp. Has a nasty comeback kick that takes a few seconds to hit you. But i put in my smoothies every morning cause I know it's so good for you..

  5. So I don’t usually eat rolled oats so I’m wondering about eating them raw? I saw raw as I realize that must be cooked already some how ? You just eat them out the rolled oats bag then no need to cook it?

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