Hemp | How To Make Everything: Suit (1/10)

In this episode of How To Make Everything, Andy participates in a historic hemp harvest where he learns the first steps of turning a plant into pants.


  1. I also want to do this business but I don't have not so much of knowledge about this type of business. In my hometown their are so many of hemp we can grow but how to utilize that from start to end can you plz explain me about how can do this business plz reply me fb I'd (naresh bam)

  2. Anzone watching this in 2020 preparing for the apocalypse ? subscribe to me we can build a shelter togeather ! and thanks for these series man , a lifesaver !

  3. I guarantee the reason why hemp was against the law was bcuz the cotton growers back then paid to have the laws changed to put hemp growers out of business.and had nothing to do with the drug.

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