Hemp farming documentary – How to grow a profitable hemp farm

Hemp farming is real fun. This video shows what we did to farm hemp. First, we did a soil test to learn about our soil and if it would support a large hemp farm.


  1. Hemp grown for CBD bud looks a lot different than hemp grown for hurd and hemp fiber. This is even sensimilla. Looks more like other smoking weed. The hurd and hemp fiber is also really fantastic stuff as well too. You get bigger stems from this, so higher hurd to fiber ration, maybe.

  2. The potential is in Industrial hemp for fiber, construction, seeds to add to livestock feed. It's pest resistant, no need for herbicides, no need to worry about flowering or finding male plants and prevails in almost any climate. CBD is mainly interesting to medicinal, but medicine isn't what the purpose of growing hemp should be. It's about making all the products people throw out on the ground on the highways, expressway, freeways, rural roads, etc. It takes hemp plastic less than 90 days to biodegrade disintegrate. Imagine the plastic in the ocean. If it was all made with majority hemp derivatives it would have disintegrated less than 3 months. What is the damn problem with people? CBD is just a fraction. Fiber is the future

  3. I'm a newly licensed hemp grower and I'm trying to learn. I have no experience. Other than YouTube, could you recommend any good educational materials for beginners wanting to grow just a few plants?

  4. I’m an organic hemp farmer in Colorado….hemp is an amazing plant, so many uses. The government made it illegal in the past cuz it gave the paper companies big competition, shame on them for doing that.

  5. Plants free of water deficit events more efficiently absorb available plant nutrients enabling plants to achieve their maximum genetic potential. SWRT membranes installed below plant root systems retain water where it falls, providing continuous delivery of drought-free periods up to 3 times longer than intensely irrigated control sands without root zone water retention membranes (Guber et al, 2016).

  6. Hello Dustin,

    Thank you for this great video. I would like to know how I can purchase from you for my online store as I sell pre-rolls, oils, and creams. I need a new supplier and would like to buy my flowers from you. Please let me know how we can make this happen!!!

  7. One of the main reasons why this is so very important to me is because it is going to turn into our family business I'm looking for land for my family to live on with me and to help me to grow hemp for CBD it will be a new beginning …. over the pandemic I realize that I have a love and knack for growing things and I decided to change my life

  8. Hi dear farmer!
    I am from Croatia Europe and I am planing to grow hemps next year but I have problem with buying seeds. Can you recommend me some store where you buy them? Tnx 🙂

  9. Hey! I'm trying to obtain a career with a hemp corporation near my home that is in the process of opening. Do you have any suggestions on how to make myself stand out to them? Are there any credentials or certain attributes you look for in your workers? Thanks in advance!

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