Health Benefits of HEMP SEED OIL

Health Benefits of HEMP SEED OIL With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada and certain parts of the U.S.A information about health benefits have …


  1. I had no idea what it was suppose to do for me. So I got a 24oz bottle of it. By the end of the bottle my arthritis in my knees left. I was on a daily arthritis pain med every day. I don't take them any more. 3 months ago I just started the Hemp seed oil. Thats about the time they found plaque in my line of vision. I could not read the bottom line on the eye chart with my left eye. Just yesterday, 7/29/19 I had an eye exam. I could read the bottom line and that plaque is slowly disappearing along with 2 other spots that appeared from taking a statin drug. Then I stopped the statin. But that 3 spots are disappearing. I feel pretty good. I can work around the yard again. I can get on and off the lawn tractor. I have to swing one leg over the steering wheel to get off. No pain on other knee as I put all 206lbs on it getting off. This stuff really works for me.I paid about $17 for 24 oz in USA.

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