Have You Ever Experienced The CBD Entourage Effect?

Learn how to sell CBD oil at www.thecbdseller.com The Entourage Effect is absolutely real. I base my opinion on years of trying different types of CBD products.


  1. it is a myth !!
    what you are experiencing is the effect of each cannabinoid . but one is not going to make the other more efficient in any way . for example .. 200 mg of full spec is not going to give you the relief you will get from 200 mg of cbd or cbg isolate .
    its science not an opinion
    .. its like saying you can start a cbd oil company for 2500 bucks lol

  2. I ordered CBG flower, high CBD flower and hemp flower coated with Delta 8 distillate (Delta 9 THC from Marijuana makes me anxious and paranoid) from Fern Valley Farms and I plan to grind all 3 together for what will likely be the quintessential entourage effect.

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