1. Interesting stuff but honestly ive been using CBD from edens herbals for my arthritis for years and it works much better than half the crap doctors recommended

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  3. Watching people die of weak immune system makes me wonder why don’t you use 14 days negative to boost your immune system with dr. Kanayo Peterson herbs online has been clear with good reviews all over the internet. I use it to cure myself of the sickness

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  4. Big Pharma don't want anybody taking natural remedies for anything , anything natural that works better than there chemically treated medications is competition to them especially if it only takes just 1 natural med to take daily compared to there 2 3 or 4 that you gotta take daily , big pharma knows that theres side effects to there meds that they make and can cause addictions and once there meds don't work they'll prescribe stronger meds and prescribe 3 pills or more pills daily for people to take which isn't good for anybody …..my mom has arthritis so I'm in the process of trying to find which cbd oil for my mom to take because there's days my mom knees and hips hurt when she walks and at night she has a hard time sleeping cause of the pain in her hands and legs

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  6. You need to stop being so ignorant about all this CHANEL 4 I think you are being told to act this way by the powers over you. Namely big pharmaceutical companies that have such a huge grip on the news that cannabis hemp heals and is food clothing shelter oil and medicine 🙏 with a great history in America. While you ignorant people play dumb ☠️ people are dying from cancer’s that cannabis cures heart disease that cannabis helps diabetes lung ailments and so many other problems besides all of the industrial uses of cannabis with or without THC! And prohibition APR4U🇺🇸

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