Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 5 days in!

Plexus has created prototypes of 2 different kinds of hemp oil: Full Spectrum Hemp, and CBD Isolate. Here is my early reaction to taking our full spectrum hemp …


  1. I made some hemp oil using semi-fresh (end of growth cycle stop watering for two weeks) cannabis buds and Ghee infused at 35 degrees Celsius(95 Farenheit) in a cast iron pot for 12 hours orso, after straining the buds I keep the Ghee. When the cannghee solidify it is a beige color with greenish tint. I place the Cannghee in #1 capsules and take two every night, I also see immediate results of sound and deeper sleep and was able to sleep through the night.

    I assume the process I use will result in a full spectrum cannabis oil, and because it is processed at low temperature so THCa remain in tact and did not turn into THC(no psychedelic effect). I know the strain I use has very little CBD. so I am contributing the effect to THCa. I also know there is over 200 chemical elements in cannabis, so I understand there is no telling what chemical element is actually contributing to this deep rest.

    I just want to share this, in case anyone is interested in knowing or discuss about it.

  2. I live in Colorado so it’s already legal here but I am trying the full spectrum hemp oil and I’ve heard it’s different than CBD oil but I use cannabis frequently and it was the best decision I’ve made with my depression and anxiety stress honestly everything it’s really been a miracle

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