1. I remember back before we had smokable. What a bunch of bullshit that was. Now we've got dickheads trying to put a fuckin 10% cap on the weed so all the dispensary weed would suck ass and we'd have to buy illegally again.

  2. Those “humpty Dumpty’s” were the first form of getting flower here in Florida and much to this guys defense bud tenders were for sure telling patients if they wanted to smoke flower all they had to do was break the porcelain vape pods and pull the flower out. I live in Collier county and was told the same exact thing.

  3. How is this even legal?Showed his Medical Marijuana Card; but it didn't matter??????????? I guess Driver's Licenses don't matter either then. Those are issued by the state as well. I'd be filing a lawsuit. Am I missing something?
    I don't understand this story. Has his Medical Card but can't possess Marijuana? How? The way they presented this was confusing. So, he can vape it, but not possess flower? Law makes no sense. It's the SAME THING.

  4. An alternative to opioids? What about Tylenol, Motrin, Aleive, aspirin ? What about the non-addictive prescription pain management drugs. Those are all legal.

  5. Here's the thing, he had one of the pods that had ground weed in it before they sold smokeable cannabis, aka joints or nugs or shake, or anything like this. He was playing dumb. And she should have told him you can take the stuff out and roll it up, but if you want to leave the house only keep the weed in the cup. Because it's not legal in "smokeable form" on vaporization form at the time.

  6. Oh didn't you know ..you have to buy it ONLY from millionaires with large corporate backing that buy politicians to pass laws to keep them as the only way to get legal weed. It's complete BULLSH%T! Say hello to the American Drug Cartels.

  7. The law requires someone to have the card AND a prescription. Usually the dispensary prints a sticker with the prescription and attaches it to the bottle. At least Trulieve does.

  8. Now he has to deal with a record b/c once ur in the system expunging ur record doesn’t do shot; it’s all over the World Wide Web & can never erase the whole trail. How about stop giving bs charges knowing most cops go home and smoke themselves

  9. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton still hasn’t been charged for having top secret special access program material on her personal server, has disobeyed a congressional subpoena by destroying evidence after the subpoena was issued and for public corruption with the Clinton foundation.. and obama hasn’t been charged for sedition, subversion and treason for not peacefully transitioning power to the incoming president.. the list goes on and on,, but make sure you throw the book at that man

  10. great so put him on opiates / oxycotin…that will really help him better. what a bunch as*holes the police can be. I guarantee if any of them (or a family member) were in acute chronic pain they would be begging for any drug that would alleviate the pain.

  11. Not knowing is a defense because it means there was no "mens rea." It's also the same defense that police officers and other public officials use everytime they're accused of corruption and violating citizens' constitutional rights.
    "We didn't know we can't search your house without a warrant. We didn't know that filming in a public area was constitutionally protected. We didn't know that arresting a teen for "being suspicious" was illegal."

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