What’s good guys welcome back to a new video. In this video I try Delta 8 hemp and give my input on how it treats me lol. Thank you guys for watching a new …


  1. as soon as he talked about soda he was gone lol
    im high asf rn so imma tell a funny story
    my buddy kpark does a lot of weed and he hit a delta 8 bar one time in summer school once and he didnt feel nun.
    so the next day he took that damn bar in the stall and RIPPED like 11 hits off of it bc his tollerance was up there.
    Like me and the entire table was high asf and my boy anewz the hunchback king was there. He dont do it that much but i was the first one to do it that day. Anewz kinda awkard ngl and when i came back from hittin it i was dying over the damn cough bacause it was the first time i ever done weed or thc and i got like 6 rips bc i thought it was a vape. This man anewz came back form the broom and said "i understand why my man was dying". That shit had me DEAD. I got sooooo many funny high stories lol.

  2. I actually get high high off of it, mind and body. So far I’ve tried Sconi Boys, Koi, Brilliance, and ZEN (Delta 10) are the brands I’ve tried (edibles and carts)

    The zen gives me a sativa kind of high, but overall. I get high, I’m just not in my head about shit, I feel relief from anxiety and paranoia I’d normally feel with delta 9.

  3. Delta 8 is AMAZING. I smoked weed every single day for the last decade. Feb something 2021 I quit regular old delta 9 for good. Haven't even looked back. Really good stuff, I feel smarter! Even my jokes get more laughs now.

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