Epilepsy Seizures Cured after Ingesting Cannabis Oil with CBD

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  1. My little sister has been suffering from epilepsy since she was an infant. She is 13 today and her seizures are getting worse. I wish so bad that she could get CBD oil, to see if it makes her situation better. Just a fucking try. It's impossible though. I live in Sweden and there is no way for her to try it out. She's currently on heavy medication and has been for many, many years.

    It breaks my heart. My poor little sister… She had a seizure like 10 minutes ago and it breaks my heart every time. Why can't CBD oil be legal?

  2. I wouldnt care if it gave my kid a buzz.. if it took care of the seizures and was safe is the important thing. Why are ppl obsessed with that. They are willing to pump this toxic waste into their child but they want to act like some moral authority over a buzz

  3. Stop fooling yourself. There is no 100% pure form of CBD. It's the small amount of THC stopping the seizures. You can blow one hit of indica weed in a person's face having a seizure and they snap out of it. Only takes a small amount of THC.

  4. I have over the past couple years, because of videos like this and more science evidence, finally came around to the use of medical marijuana as an alternative to man made drugs. The only thing I can suggest to the "weed community" is to stop using the marijuana plant graphic. There really is a bad stigma attached to that visual image that you really don't understand unless you've been so against this for such a long time as I have. I'm not bashing anyone for liking the image or using it, but I think it'd be better if that picture wasn't the first image they saw. Like it or not, there is a bad perception of the plant even though it produces potentially good things.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It was hard watching this little boy suffer, and watching his father's emotional pain , who loves his son and would do anything to help his boy, go through this. There's no reason marijuana or CBD should be illegal; it's a natural plant that's been used for centuries to help cure illnesses. Big Pharma won't allow the legalization b/c treating the root of the problem means they lose sales and money. What a world we live in when people would rather profit than help others.

    And for the 4 people who disliked this video…shame on you.

  6. Does it help with adults??? I have had epilepsy since the age of 5. I'm nearly 20 years old now, I can drink but only to a certain extent. The worst part about it is going to sleep once you've had a drink and your thinking on it. I have to "touch wood" for good luck just to reassure myself. I wish it was legal in the UK. because with every seizure I have, I've started notice that I can't remember things in the past very well. If a friend says " do you remember when we did this". A lot of the time i'm not sure. Losing memories is an awful feeling. I could get CBD oils of I wanted but it would be very expensive, illegal and not as potent as it needs to be. Should I order online or will I get charges for that.

  7. My 4yr old son has been suffering from Epilepsy and the drugs themselves have been life treating to his system. He can barley stomach them. He is often sick and dazed and tends to slip into seizure early morning. The drugs to stop it are severe and afterwards he is a mess; throwing up, emotional, does not eat, walks into walls, and sees things. Enough is enough so I got him on CBD. I have been giving him 3 drops 3X a day. He felt better almost immediately and his personality bloomed. I am currently still slowly backing off his other meds. He has been seizure free since the CBD full of energy and super hungry! It has been the best thing to date for him.

  8. Wow,,, this brought tears to my eyes, my husband has seizures and it seems that every time he has a seizure his mind gets slower and slower, forgetfulness. I love him so much and I want him to have a better quality of life. His seizure meds doesn't seem to work and the side effects are so bad. I'm looking into the CBD for him.

  9. It was really, really difficult watching him having the seizure. My heart goes out to the father, I can only imagine how difficult it's been for you. I hope your son gets better, and if possible, never has to deal with seizures again. <3

  10. I shared your video on my fb page "This is my medicine". Your kindness and compassion for others truly shows. I wish their were more people like you in this world. It would be a better place.

  11. Touching story. I live in new Zealand. A annual script for sativex is $16,000 US dollars. What a joke. While medical cannabis use stays illegal in this country the only option is to get ripped off by drug companies. Drug companies care about profits not making people well. 

  12. Oh ur newborn is having seizures? Here's some meth and heroin for that, cause we don't care about him getting better just Pfizer getting richer. Oh wait specifically engineered medicinal marijuana tailored to attack the nervous system not get u high [specifically] works like a charm? There's no money in that for Pfizer. ILLEGAL in 45 States!

    My beautiful 6yr old niece Emma has been suffering from extreme seizures and takes a cocktail of methamphetamines and opiates for the spasms. Specifically "RisperiDOME" used to calm recovering heroin addict's spasms during withdrawal.
    This Christmas she started really bad during her gift unwrapping and my sis and mom gave her hard drugs to suppress the seizures. Trouble is, by the time she got to my gift she was so zonked out she was slouched into her chair and she couldn't even keep her eyes open and was drooling on herself. It was sickening.

  13. My friend is going to start having seizures because he had brain surgery from a severe car accident on friday, and so will any CBD tincture help him from getting any seizures? Any answer will help

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