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FALCONER – The town of Ellicott is the most recent municipality in Chautauqua County to opt out of allowing cannabis dispensaries and consumption sites.

On Monday, the Ellicott Town Board unanimously passed a local law to opt out. Before the vote, the board held a public hearing on the issue. Pat McLaughlin, Ellicott supervisor, told The Post-Journal between 10-15 people attended the public hearing, but only a couple of people spoke.

“The ones that did speak were in favor of the opt out,” he said.

McLaughlin said he believes the board feels like he does that the legalization of recreational marijuana has been rushed by the state, with a lot of questions still unanswered.

“Even the state Legislature doesn’t have the answers to (some of the questions),” he said. “We can always opt in later. It was something we felt was the smart move to opt out.”

Ellicott joins the town of Busti, Carroll and Clymer to opt out of allowing marijuana dispensaries and consumption sites.

In other business, McLaughlin said the board discussed how it will spend its American Recovery Plan Act funding it received from the federal government. He said for a while town officials have been working to improve the water tower at the Chautauqua County/Jamestown Airport. He added that the county Health Department cited the town for the tower, which needs to have lead paint mitigated.

McLaughlin said Ellicott will be receiving about $259,000 in stimulus funding this year, with the cost of the water tower project being $269,000, after factoring in grants town officials received.

“That will take care of our water tower issue at the airport,” he said.

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