Easy Edibles – Cannabis Infused Oil with NO SMELL

We make weed infused coconut oil for use in medicated edibles. This is the easiest process to make potent edibles from bud without creating a big mess or …


  1. Notes:
    – The materials needed are: mason jar (8oz or 16oz), liquid coconut oil (the higher the saturated fat the better), 3.5 grams of bud (finely chop with a knife), cheese cloth, kitchen twine, and a box brownie mix or an actual brownie recipe.

    – Place the chopped marijuana into a cheese cloth, tie the marijuana into a tea bag with kitchen twine, and cut off the excess cheese cloth

    – Place marijuana tea bag into the mason jar and add 2/3 of a cup of liquid coconut oil

    – Boil the mason jar in a pot of water for 2 hours (close tightly)

    – Add cannabis oil into brownie recipe as a substitute for the oil

    Enjoy and know your limits 🥰

  2. dumbass forgot to mention you need to decarb beforehand otherwise youll just waste a bunch of weed. boiling water doesnt reach a high enough temp to decarb

  3. Hey I did this and it hasnt worked for me, I used roughly the same amount of buds maybe a tiny bit less, only other difference is that i put the buds inside two teabags instead of cheese cloth and wrapped it pretty tightly. Does this make a difference? And did I need to stir it or something

  4. update: i actually made this and turns out somehow it’s my first time baking brownies lol. it all worked nicely and i get the effects from them pretty soon after, whether it be placebo or not

    (edit) probably placebo lmao

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