1. I think there is truth to this but not all and I will explain. It's not Doctors fault but the DEA for holding it scheduled #1 holding up studies. Thankfully now, they must allow some outside studies. I'm not sure how many apps were approved. I believe they will find that if your heart is healthy then you're okay but if you have cardiac issues then there may be reason for concern. I say this because sadly I can vouch for this and have stopped all Marijuana use until more details are released. Medical info I can trust, not from the CDC, DEA but rather Harvard University. I used Marijuana for Cancer pain/nausea when I became not treatment eligible for Cancer due to Septic Shock. The plant would actually kill metastatic Cancer tumors and I actually had a clean PET Scan two years later. The problem would come post Covid-19 complications. I don't see how he and some get that Marijuana users are overweight to obese. I think it sadly stems from the "munchie" term which I never had except a few times. It depends on the strain and the person. Many studies have shown it helps many to loose weight. If you really think about Marijuana users like the ones who are known to be "stoners" I can not recall of any overweight. However, take me, I began it for Cancer. The chemo/steroids/hypothyroidism/throwing me in menopause had packed on a 40 pound weight gain. I actually lost 15 pounds the first 6 months after starting but one could argue it was the Cancer spreading as 6 months out I did start to gain but was diagnosed with a Autoimmune Illness. It wouldn't be fair to say because I used Marijuana and they took my size and blamed the plant. They should look more at weight when they began, the persons health conditions "especially endocrine like cortisol which should be checked but isn't, address the "steroids/hormones in our foods", prescriptions, alcohol use, any other drug use if applies. I've definitely seen much weight gain with steroids, birth control, anti depressants, etc. Im not anti opioid but rather was cold turkey pulled from meds when my Cancer returned siting CDC guidelines & DEA raids as the reason. Marijuana would later be a miracle in my Cancer fight but with pain it's not a one size fits all. I was in a trauma accident last year. I broke my knee, hip and spine. It's fair to say marijuana barely touches that pain. I wanted to make this clear. I never had any heart issues using marijuana. After the wreck, I learned how to make canabutter, for the strength. However, not long ago, I noticed a very dramatic difference in my blood pressure from very high to very low. My heart rate staying high as 160 for around 8 hours up to 40% of the time, my oxygen at 92%. I think I'm on a bad trip but I have everything to check my vitals and they were real. As I would come down so would my vitals. I would check vitals before = normal. During = got scary. I found out days ago, in my portal 😏 that back in Oct 2020 they knew I had Dilated Cardiomyopathy aka Congestive Heart Failure from the Coronavirus that I got June 16, 2020, no one even told me! I had to find out looking on the portal. This is why I feel it has to do with the persons heart condition not marijuana causing it. I know Covid-19 caused mine and never had any negative reactions to Marijuana until my heart was damaged. Doctors need to communicate with their patients and "listen" to the patient. The DEA needs to stop dictating to Doctors what they can & can't do. I appreciate anyone sharing their experience, good or bad, it's about learning. Thanks 💯

  2. If someone had pre existing heart issues and smoked marijuana the marijuana increases heart rate which can cause those people to maybe have heart attacks that they maybe wouldn't have had if they didnt exasperate their symptoms with marijuana. It's really sad that can happen because I used to love marijuana! But I recently was put on a betablocker and now when I smoke it I notice my heartrate goes higher and its gives me anxiety now. (But I have zero tolerance because it had been 8 months since I'd smoked…) I just had how it raises heart rate if you're not used to its effects.

  3. Hello, I had open heart surgery when i was 16 to repair a hole in a valve. Born that way, had to wait until I was 16 and my heart had stopped growing to patch it. Weaned my self off of medication when I was 21 and started smoking pot daily. Before the surgery I would have heart palpations so bad I would pass out. After surgery still had palpations. 200 beats per minute, once for 24 hours. rough shit. I am now 64 years old, still smoking pot daily. Palpations yes, but we all get them anyway at times. Stress is a biggy. Without pot, I would be totally stressed out, have you seen the world we live in?. GOD HELP US. I believe pot is our answer to a lot of our problems. Like trees it gives off oxygen that we so need. You can eat it, smoke it, drink it, burn it. make clothes with it that can last for 80 years. No the government does not want it. It is cheap and easy to grow, you can do almost anything with it. I say grown it all over the world. Let us be happy like we should be. Maybe the pot heads will be the ones who survive this mess. Because we do not go with the flow. We have our own flow. And it works for us. As far as being lazy. I worked a very stressful job for 20 years or more and loved it. I am taking an old camp and making it my home, I am not ready to do nothing. I love doing my everything with a buzzz. I hurt no one. I love everyone and wish everyone the best. We are all people trying to survive this crazy world we live in.

  4. I smoked weed for about a year daily back to back I remember someone I was smoking with tell me y’all ever have any problems from the weed and at the time I was like “nah this weed is good for me what people say bad abt it is tripping” but a year passes and i started getting chest pain and shortness of breath and went to the hospital and they sayed stop smoking of course I did stop for about a month then I came right back to it and I noticed ever time I smoke now I get heart pain and feels like shocking pain or can be as tight squeezing pain in my heart and I took a brake again fr abt 2 months and smoked some more again and got the same heart pain so yes weed is good and normal until over time you start noticing it and at first I would think the people that would tell me there problems they had with it were bullshit and that they are a problem but no it can over time start affecting you in bad ways trust and just stop smoking weed and smoking in general

  5. Let’s seriously not sit here and act like regular ads cannabis is ANYTHING close to the poison soaked tobacco that is sold in stores. Please tell me this doctor didn’t just try to make that implication.

  6. These are all simple side effects from which you will not die instead of him talking about marijuana cuz I'm pretty sure he got paid to talk about it he should be talking about cigarettes with the cancer that it is given and killing people everyday and also he should be talking about liquor which is killing thousands if not millions of people across the board he did not get too many likes for this video and I'm pretty sure when all is said and done he is going to feel like an a$s for doing this video…

  7. All that s*** that he just said is true but I understand that no one dies because of marijuana he could definitely not say that because he will have a lot of problems on his hand he could come up with side effects but in all honesty him being a doctor I'm pretty sure the garbage that he prescribes people also has side effects so in my book he is just another b********

  8. A healthy life will always find life meaningful, being finally cured from this heart disease using an herbal medicine from Dr. Gbenga was my greatest Adventure in life, all thanks to Dr. Gbenga for his help.

  9. Dr Scott the type of guy who shows up to a funeral with a stethoscope around his neck. Not saying I disagree as I've smoked weed long enough to recognize it wasn't 100 percent safe but being someone that works a cva med surge floor Id be curious to see him walk my floor and come up with a correlation between all the patients we that have never smoked or did any drugs in their life. What you should take from this is enjoy life it's very short do you really want to be the 90 year old hooked up to a feeding tube just because your body lived forever js I'll sign my check at 65

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