Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I changed my mind about marijuana

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how he changed his mind about using marijuana for medicinal purposes and why he wrote Attorney General Jeff Sessions …


  1. My guess is that, they don't legalize it, because some pharmaceutical companies would go bankrupt, they would go out of business, and by far we know that these companies don't care so much about healing, but piling up more money instead….

  2. Delighted to see this, from personal experiences I stand firm in the belief that weed is a healing factor in many illnesses. 💯💙💜❤️💚💛🧡💖 I just received your book today #KeepSharp build a better brain at any age, on the 1dt chapter now it's very insightful and gives many untapped pointers about our Brains. Thanks you kind sir Dr Gupta 💯💙💜❤️💚💛🧡💖☯️🌊💆‍♀️

  3. i would like to see marijuana in oil supplement from than the smoking version . I believe the smoking action can damage the lungs , but chewing marijuana or maybe marijuana drinks could replace alcohol which could cheaper and decrease whole lot of disease

  4. It is hard to believe that someone this well educated could be so stupid and ignorant of the dangers of marijuana. Every day in this country people are showing up in emergency rooms fighting for their lives with serious psychoses and hallucinations due to marijuana. Listen to the emergency room doctors like Dr. Roneet Lev not this guy.

  5. Who is this SELLOUT? Not the sweet young doctor that made all those wonderful helpful videos I've been watching on You Tube? You look nothing like him! You sound nothing like him! He's GONE forever and I hate the new you! If you ever have a kid that gets hooked on marjuana, you may feel different about it! It's worse than the PILLS doctors hand out like candy! So disappointed in you.

  6. according to the state of Florida marijuana does not treat pain.
    Florida legalized medical marijuana for many purposes one of the main ones was pain and once I received my recommendation Florida said too many people once again to many people have marijuana prescriptions for pain therefore it must be false and the state has now said that pain is not treatable with marijuana because it doesn't work.
    The official stance of Florida is marijuana cannot treat pain Florida says that is false and that marijuana will not be used for pain just because too many prescriptions were written they didn't say too many were written they said zero can be written for pain Florida says it doesn't work for pain Florida says that is a false statement and pain is not treatable.
    someone please please help us here in Florida help them to understand what they're doing here. I must now either tolerate my pain or go back to opioids someone please help.

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