Dog seizures. Dr. Dan covers symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of seizures in dogs.

This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. If your pet is sick, take them to see your local veterinarian for the care they needed** (Disclaimer) …


  1. Thank you, we needed to hear this, our 9 year old long hair chihuahua, just had a seziure while we were out camping and we rushed her to the nearest vet. Just a litte over two months ago she was diagnosed with doggy vertigo but things kept persisting until the seizure. The new vet explained that her episodes of eyes shifting and blinking and losing motor functions could have been minor seizures of their own. As a pet owner it looks scary and you feel powerless to help. It would be great to have a video as to what to do when they are having one if you havent already, this is my first time viewing your videos.

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