Does CBD skincare really work? Plastic surgeon weighs in

Right now there are products on shelves that claim to help everything from acne to inflammation to stress but we wanted to know are people actually seeing …


  1. Funny that these professionals who make money iff stuff like this
    Don’t want us using something that helps fir many things
    I started using cbd skin care and have seen brilliant results on dry skin
    Rosatia in my face has reduced
    Amazing I love cbd

  2. So this doctor dude sounds like his head is far up big pharmas ass lol
    Aspiring is not made of just willow bark lol it has numerous compounds not good for your organs! Lol he sounds completely ignorant and against cannabis like a true sheep🤣

  3. Just like any other products, it would work on most at certain degrees and not soo much on some.

    It's pretty safe compared to all the chemicals induced products on the shelves right now.

  4. CBD definitely helps me with my daily aches and pains. Even after a hard piano practice when my hands are fatigued and sore, I just rub a little CBD oil on and the pain is gone in under 10 minutes. It’s like I’ve got a new set of hands.

  5. The cannabis in the CBD skincare system I do really has made a difference in my skin. Less hollowness and puffiness to my under eyes. Also my skin is much more hydrated and luminous.

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