Does CBD Oil Help With Excessive Sweating? – Carpe Sweat Series #10

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  1. A few weeks back I starting taking CBD 10mg x2 a day just to see what all the hype was about. I had never heard that CBD can help reduce sweating, I personally did not believe anything would happen from taking it. After a few days/week of taking it I stopped sweating. I have been battling sweating under my armpits for probably 10-15 years. Every day when I go to work I start sweating around 11am until I get home, I have to change my T-shirt 2-3x a day. This happens for no reason that I am aware of, but if I have a client deliverable or have to give a presentation its much worse. This has been terrible to say the least. So here I am two weeks of being able to wear the same shirt all day, so I started looking online to see if others have had a similar experience and it appears so. Just wanted to say that I had no pre-conceived notion that CBD could do this so I don't think its a placebo. Going to keep taking it to see if it continues to help, hope this helps others.

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  3. I've been treating my severe hyperhidrosis with regular medical marijuana (usually smoked or vaped) for 14 years. It works better than anything I've tried! I have tried cbd products, which help quite a bit with anxiety and probably any anxiety-related sweating, but nothing works like a good ol' high THC strain of cannabis, imho.

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