1. Oasis Cannabis | Glendale 6676 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308 so today I received a text from this dispensary that their Cresco products were on BOGO so I decide to place an order when i got there they wouldn't honor the offer the manager was rude and not understanding when THE TEXT I RECEIVED STATED verbatim

    BOGO Cresco!

    Available for DELIVERY at ALL Oasis Dispensary locations!

    Order NOW on SUPURB!

    Reply STOP to stop

    so I go there and they tell me it's for only concentrates but it doesn't state that anywhere in text so i drove from mesa to here and phoenix just to be told no and they were clear on text AVOID THIS PLAY ID YOU DONT WANNA DRIVE ACROSS TOWN AND WAIST YOUR GAS AND DEAL WITH SOME UNREASONABLE MANGER

  2. i dont use weed now . i did have had a card before a bypass and for joint pain. but cost was high so i just quit buying weed . and i did get the bypass and started feeling a lot better. so not needed .all i see is the state taxing it big time .so most folks that had a dependable person to buy from most likely will go back to them.i wish they put the money into low cost loans for folks .

  3. It good for you for sure it been prof now it since man a true med. Thay can give bad pills no thats s cool tho a cannabis is the best thing for we have more cannabis receptors in the bran than any med .

  4. I think most people will just grow their own or get it from a friend that grows with the crazy prices these shops are charging. It is super simple and anyone can do it plus it is fun! Don't pay these stupid high prices; just get some seeds and a few pots along with the right soil mixture and you are good to go. The hardest part is getting the soil mixture right and watering the correct amount but even that is really easy.

    You can get high quality seeds from seedsman and everything else from local stores.

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