Digital Pain Killer | Pain Management, Whole Body Inflammation | Healing Binaural Beats

Digital Pain Killer | Pain Management, Whole Body Inflammation | Healing Binaural Beats GV0278 by Good Vibes – Binaural Beats. Subscribe to our New …


  1. I use you messages frequently. You have assisted me in changing my life for the better. We meditate to change for the better. Not to get better at meditating. I am blessed to have found you. I am a chronic pain sufferer and am doing away with pain killers , these will killer me faster than any pain. You have created wonderful subliminal. I will say I am a better, stronger person because of them. Slow and positive changes. Be blessed for all you do !

  2. Thank you so much for this little piece of heaven. God bless all of you beautiful souls out there, may your suffering end and your spirit and body soar to new heights of joy peace and health, body mind and spirit. ♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼

  3. I cannot use headphones – can I still benefit from this – or do you have a version that doesn't require headphones? Thanks in advance! I would find this session EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL.

  4. It's the strangest thing. Everything I listen to this I hear pinkfloyds us and them in my minds ear.. sleep well every one, especially my fellow chronic pain sufferers. 💜

  5. IF ANYONE HAS i guess its called peripheral neuropathy. In your hands & calves/feet/ankles/shins. this is amazing. I add about 5 more anyway. One for DNA regeneration, cell & nerve tissue, one for the eyes/jaw/, nasal passageways. Then 3 more for knees, fingers, ankles/feet just as xtra. open up 7 windows on yt. and do it. life changing already.

  6. this literally clicked and this warm wave went down my shins to my feet like a coating of natural aspirin. wow. immediate. thank-you oh my god. my hands and shins i guess neuropathy? amazing

  7. I worked too hard today out in the yard to the point where I could not catch my breath, multiple times. I had a mask on but I believe I was still breathing in the dirty dust. Now my lungs hurt, my heart hurts and is palpitating quite a bit and I have what feels like a lump of air in my throat that stops me from breathing on occasion. This is very scary but it's happened before at the gym so I know I will be fine. I hope to heal and cleanse my poor lungs quickly so I can get back to breathing again and be pain free ♡

  8. my feet are killing me after a long day at a new job, but i hope that it will be more fulfilling than my last job and worth the pain at the end of the day. blessings to all.

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