Diagnosing & Treating Hemp Nutrient Imbalances

An overview on how to diagnose and treat nutrient deficiencies and surpluses in your medicinal CBD hemp plant. This is part one of a two part series on …


  1. This is the best by far Video for finding your problem… finally found mine with a 3300 ppm so I flushed and flushed. Now I'm at the pray and pray stage. Bad thing is it's at the turning to flower.

  2. Macro" nutrients
    Not Marco prob. Just a Typo…
    No biggy
    I spelt terpenes " turpines " other day i was just tired, and didnt care but there maybe a new grower learning, so take the time, spellcheck it.
    ✌ 👍

  3. Medicinal Cannabis is a medical necessity for all those of us who and seriously ill with a multitude of chronic medical conditions and cancers and have been consuming metabolically poisonous Vegetable seed extracted cooking oils in our diets. The solution is to go Vegan and take medical-grade polyvalent cannabis supplementation until you are better while getting all vegetable oils out of your diet. You can use some polysaturated animal-based fats/oils, that are in all animal products if you are not quite so worried about living as long as reasonably possible while remaining perfectly healthy. The logic and the references are all in my 75-page booklet which I can email you. Request at email: dgillman47@gmail.com

  4. Thank you for all this great information ! Keep all the videos coming bruh!! These videos have really helped guide me and educate me for my very first grow and the plants are doing great thanks to it.

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