Delta 8 THC: The 'legal' version of marijuana

Delta 8 THC, a new product on the market, is being called “weed lite.” Unlike your standard marijuana, Delta 8 THC is being sold legally to buyers without a …


  1. The cop was talking about if people take too much they’re going to crash he needs to focus on alcohol and prescription medicines that are given to old ass people who can barely even drive already if someone chooses to take that much and drive that’s their fault same goes with ALCOHOL!

  2. They are mad because they can’t tax us the way they want to! This stuff is sold EVERYWHERE & try telling the guys you pulled somebody over and made a huge bust on delta 8 weed lol this cracks me up I rather smoke this than the stuff these dealers are giving out

  3. It's very simple folks.
    Vote these dinosaurs out of office.
    They are obviously living in the past.
    They want to put people in jail for a f*cking plant.
    But hey. If you have a bunch of money, just like they do, you can get on the governments weed program… But if you aren't rich you get prison.
    It's not even called Medical Marijuana in Florida. It's called a "compassionate use" card. Which means if you have plenty of money you get plenty of compassion. If you don't… You get prison.
    This is called CLASSISM..
    This man is a classist.
    You will see classists very often if you look for them.
    When you do spot a classist you will notice they are/were more than likely in some form of government and/or authoritarian job position.
    When you spot a classist and it's possible to use your voting rights to get them gone there is no reason not to get them out of that authoritarian position that they hold over you.

  4. That sheriff and others who oppose marijuana, those who criticize, and demonize this plant seem to have missed something, All those who are judgemental, toward this plant, and those using it. They, being only men, judge and criticize, and demonize this plant, forgetting that our creator designed, and created this plant, this medicine, and also thought it worthy to be preserved to survive the great flood, and that he also put a lot of effort in designing this beautiful herb. How can people sit on their high horse and judge what God created, and considered good, just because they deem it to be a bad, evil thing. They never mention how it has saved children from having seizures that destroy their quality of life, and even takes their life? Also, they do not talk of how it can save the very life of a person with a disorder, or disease which takes their appetite, or how it can give a merciful relief to those suffering from ptsd, after war, or other traumatic events, or how it can help those depressed, or people like me who have chronic pain. (I have had major fractures in my back, and spinal reconstruction.) To add to these things I will say this truth. All your drug laws were created out of prejudice, and greed. All the drug laws ever done were to destroy families. The small man goes to prison, while the people who are the actual scource of the bad drugs are fat and rich and happy. And any bible believing christian who is against cannabis, and believes it is evil needs to look at Genisis, chapter one, verse 29. This plant, and those who use, and benefit from using it just need to be left alone, in peace. If you wanna go after, and demonize a plant, go after tobacco. It is the number one leading cause of preventable death worldwide. Jesus, peace, love, and cannabis forever!!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s not gonna be safe.. blah blah blah. Tell that to the many bar goers who get so impaired they can’t even see straight. Marijuana does not and will never have that effect on the human body.

  6. Dude, I live in Dallas and you can get Delta 8 from like any smoke shop around here. So f'ing cool but at the same time it is a bit different from actual weed. Your tolerance for it will build up in only a few months

  7. Oh okay mr. I shot the sheriff, so you are totally A okay with alcoholics on airplanes making sexual advances and being verbally abusive and disturbing people on airplanes and the alcoholic getting tied up by the passengers with duct tape getting taped to the chair to keep the alcoholic from acting psychotic and also alcoholics driving and killing people I've never heard anybody especially myself even smoking pot and driving or anybody ever killing anybody else under the influence of marijuana you're just too damn cautious and asf. Just so you know Mr. Sheriff more people have died from smoking tobacco and alcohol and are still dying from alcohol but you will never ever hear anyone dying from weed of any kind especially from driving So stick that in your shiny Heine a-hole badge and smoke it through your a-hole

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